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I just came back from an amazing few days in Anguilla. It was my first time ever there. I have always wanted to go and needed a few days of relaxation to end my crazy year of nonstop traveling. I went with a few blogger friends and we stayed at The Reef by CusinArt, Anguilla’s newest luxury resort.

This was the first time I visited a new place and didn’t explore outside of the resort. I stayed put and really enjoyed the hotel and its amenities. Next time I visit, which will be soon, I will definitely explore the island more and its beaches.

The Reef by CusinArt has only been open for a few months and everything is exquisite. Its situated on a beautiful  beach, with a beautiful pool and oceanfront suites. I stayed in one of their oceanfront junior suites and woke up with the best ocean views every morning. I was in heaven.

Besides being on a beautiful beach, my favorite part of the resort was the food. Being a CuisinArt Resort, I would have expected the food to be up to par, and it was. Every meal was exceptional, and a few dishes were some of the best I ever had. The pancakes for breakfast were by far the best pancakes I ever had in my life, and I had an incredible meal at their weekly lobster barbecues with fresh lobster, steak, and the best truffled mac n’ cheese I’ve ever had. I’m a huge foodie and appreciate good food, so let’s just say I definitely didn’t lose weight on this trip.

We took a quick boat ride out to Little Bay in the rain which was fun. Our boat captain played Ja Rule the whole time which was a bonus.

The resort has a gym and also offers fitness activities like yoga on the beach and aqua cycling. I decided to try aqua cycling because I’ve never done it before. It was basically a cycling class done in the pool. It was a unique way to work out and I’m glad I tried it. It’s hard to get work outs in when I travel so much so it definitely was nice to squeeze in time for this on this trip.

It’s rare that I ever get to relax when I travel because I am always working and constantly on the move. This time I indulged and got an amazing body scrub treatment at the spa, which I had never done before. I got to choose between a sugar or sea salt scrub and there were different scents to choose from. It’s great exfoliation for the skin leaving it feeling silky smooth.  I got to custom make my own body scrub after the treatment to take home with me. They had several ingredients and scents to choose from which made it fun and I thought it was a pretty cool addition to the treatment.

The trip to Anguilla was a great way to close out 2016. The island is absolutely beautiful and I definitely plan on going back in the next year to really spend time to explore and get to know the island better.

A big thank you to The Reef by CuisinArt for giving me an amazing first time experience in Anguilla.

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