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     All you need to know when you go to Sugarfish is to order the “Trust Me”. I have been hearing about this place for so long from multiple people raving how good their sushi is. They just opened one in Studio City, and when I found that out, I made sure it was my next stop lol. They are known for their simple yet freshest quality of fish,- no fancy, fried or saucy rolls there. Everything literally melts in your mouth, and this place made me realize you don’t need fancy, saucy rolls to satisfy a sushi craving. As soon as the sushi is ready they bring it out and suggest you eat it right away. They don’t do requests for extra rice, sauces or substitutions and suggest you do not use soy sauce either because they want you to taste the quality of the fish. They do have light sauces that they put on the fish so everything had flavor though. It’s not your typical sushi place and that’s why I liked …



SHIBUYA HOUSE ROLL If you love sushi like me, you are probably very critical when it comes to it. Shibuya in Calabasas is known for good quality, high-end sushi. It’s definitely more on the pricey side, but it’s worth it for the quality of fish they have. Shibuya is TINY. If you go for dinner, there will most definitely be a wait because this small place is always crammed to the max. Even during lunchtime all the tables are usually filled. If you go, expect to wait for a table. This little gem is in a small strip mall in Calabasas, so sometimes parking can be tough too, depending on what time of day it is. Shibuya isn’t a fancy restaurant by any means. It’s actually the contrary- it may be a little pricey, but it’s just a hole in the wall with great sushi. THIS IS PRETTY MUCH THE ENTIRE RESTAURANT. TINY & CRAMMED! MY FAVORITE ITEMS ON THE MENU:    ~ALBACORE SASHIMI W/ GARLIC PONZU & JALAPENO- SO GOOD. AMAZING QUALITY AND SO FRESH TASTING. IT MELTS …