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Boracay is the fun party island of the Philippines and it is absolutely beautiful. Boracay is where I swam as a mermaid. I also tried  BALUT which is a common food in Southeast Asia. Balut is a developing duck embryo boiled alive and eaten from the shell of the egg. It’s supposed to be a good source of protein. I was absolutely terrified to try it but I had a small taste and it wasn’t so bad. I also tried chicken intestines on a stick from a cart on the beach which I actually enjoyed. Take a look at some of my favorite moments from my time in Boracay (including a video of me fire dancing in the rain!). Also, if you haven’t seen me swim as a mermaid, check it out here!


Fresh out the ocean after swimming with whale sharks, I changed in the car and went straight to Rico’s, a famous place where they are known for having the best “Lechon” on the island of Cebu. Lechon is roasted pig and is a popular food in the Philippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and in Latin America & Spain. Lechon is a national dish of the Philippines and in fact, Anthony Bourdain claimed Cebu as having the best pig in the world. My friend and I went to Rico’s to try their spicy Lechon. It was phenomenal. I love anything spicy, so this lechon tasted extra delicious. If you are ever in Cebu or anywhere in the Philippines,  you have to try Lechon and Rico’s is a very well known place for it. It was a hole in the wall but packed with a line out the door. They were chopping up the pork so quickly, things were messy in there as you can see from my pictures. That’s my favorite kind of food…messy and delicious. …



DineLA STARTED THIS WEEK! DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT WHAT RESTAURANTS ARE BEING FEATURED.   DineLA’s description: dineLA’s Restaurant Week is a 12-day dining event (July 15-26) showcasing Los Angeles as a premier dining destination, highlighting the diversity of culinary experiences LA has to offer. Locals and visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a selection of specially priced prix-fixe lunch and dinner menus from some of LA’s best restaurants.  



Yesterday on June 11, 2011 from 11am-6pm, at the Los Angeles State Historic Park in Downtown LA, over 50 of LA’s most renowned and iconic food trucks gathered for an event to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Tickets cost $10 to enter which went to a good cause, and there were two stages with live bands, carnival games and more food than I have ever seen in my life! My friends and I went to town with all the food trucks there. I had to try as much as I can for my blog. See what I do for my readers! I couldn’t move at the end I was so full lol, but it was fun and worth it. There was a big grass area where people chowed down at picnic tables, and had picnics on the grass while listening to the bands play with the skyline of Downtown LA in the background. It was a beautiful day. There were more than 50 food trucks there, only made it to a couple of them but I …