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     Mariscos, ceviches oh my! Located in the seaside Miraflores neighborhood in Lima, Pescados Capitales is a very popular restaurant famous for their ceviche and fresh seafood dishes. The entire menu is based on the 7 deadly sins, and every item on the menu has a little abstract story in it’s description. The name of this restaurant is a play on words; “pescados” means “fish” in Spanish, and “pecados” means “sins”. The menu itself is very unique and creative, and they make reading it fun and entertaining which goes hand in hand with their food too. All dishes were creative and unique and gave your idea of tradional ceviche a twist with fun ingredients and sauces! Check out what was ordered below! FRESH ROASTED CORN NUTS WITH SALSA Instead of bread, they bring you fresh corn nuts to the table. Corn is very popular in Peru and I found they bring this out at many restaurants there before they take your order. The perfect salty snack to get your appetite going! CAUSA With yellow potato, avocado, creamy shrimp topped with …