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This past weekend I went to Vegas to the Life Is Beautiful Festival with two of my good girl friends. We had so much fun at the festival. I liked it because it was way more chill compared to Coachella and other music festivals I’ve been to. It didn’t feel as packed and crowded, it just felt smaller and a little more intimate which I liked. It was in downtown Las Vegas so definitely had a different vibe than any other festival. Flume was by far my favorite. He was incredible to see in an outdoor setting. I also loved seeing Chromeo and Major Lazor. We went out to XS after the festival at night for David Guetta and DipLo. I cut together a 60 second snippet of our weekend that we all just filmed from our iPhones. Below are some pics from the festival.  



     I recently dined at N9NE Steakhouse at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. It is now one of my new favorite steakhouses. I’ve always heard that it was good, but I was blown away. Mastros Steakhouse has always been my favorite, but I don’t know now….N9NE definitely gave it a good run for its money. If you are looking for a nice restaurant in Vegas, you have to go to N9NE. Check out my reviews on the food below! CRAB CAKE Maryland Blue Crab, Old Bay Seasoning, Avocado Dressing, Celery Root-Apple Slaw  A great crab cake! Loved the avocado dressing with it too, I’ve never had a crab cake with an avocado sauce before which made it unique. LOBSTER BISQUE Maine Lobster, Crème Fraîche, Brandy  This picture doesn’t really make the soup look good lol, but it was a good lobster bisque. It was sweet, and there were nice size chunks of lobster in it. AHI TUNA TARTARE  Avocado, Lime, Chipotle-Chili Oil, Crispy Sesame Crackers  I love tuna tartare as an appetizer because …



In Vegas, I stumbled across P.J. Clarke’s in the Ceasers Palace Hotel. Hungover and craving good substance and a burger, I decided to stop there. I’ve actually read about P.J. Clarke’s online. It’s a classic bar/restaurant established in 1884, and has original locations in New York City and along the Hudson River, but has also opened in Washington DC, Vegas and Brazil. This place is an old-time classic restaurant known for good pub food and especially famous for it’s burger, so I tried it. “THE CADILLAC” Smoked Country Bacon & American Cheese I really enjoyed the burger. I don’t know if I was just desperately hungry and anything could have tasted good in my state lol, but it was pretty good to me. Definitely not anywhere near the best, but it was solid- I had no complaints. I ordered the “Cadillac Burger” for $13.75, which is their special and most popular burger. It comes with American cheese and bacon. It’s a simple burger, nothing special on it besides bacon, but the meat was cooked perfectly. …