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Located on the harbor in San Pedro, is a long boardwalk of fresh seafood and fair food. Candied apples, kettle corn, funnel cakes among freshly caught grilled fish, oyster and ceviche bars, crab and lobster tanks, and heaps of grilled and fried shrimp served with huge loafs of garlic bread. Oh, and how can I forget, fully stacked bars with frozen daquiris, margaritas and a Mexican staple, Micheladas. There are several seafood shacks to choose from. Take your pick, or try a bunch of different places and enjoy! High quality, freshly caught seafood for cheap. You can’t beat that. Such a fun thing to do on a weekend with friends. Take a look!   CAUGHT MY OWN LIVE CRAB!  COOKING HEAPS OF GRILLED SHRIMP AND VEGETABLES  LIVE MARIACHI BAND PERFORMING AT TABLES  MICHELADA- SPICY HOT SAUCE BEER!  BAR-B-QUE CHICKEN & FRESH GRILLED TORTILLAS OYSTER BAR- THEY ARE CRACKING THEM OPEN! LONG GRILL OF FRESH FISH  SHRIMP PLATE W/ FRESH GARLIC BREAD  SHRIMP PLATE, CORN, GARLIC BREAD  OCTOPUS CEVICHE- FRESH AVOCADO, LEMON, HOT SAUCE  OYSTERS THE VIEW FROM OUR …