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I wrote a lengthy blog post on Cuba with my personal thoughts and experience. You can read that here. And finally, MY CUBA VIDEO! This gives you a little glimpse of my experience to go along with my pictures + blog post. I love creating videos because you can hopefully really feel the moment & energy of the place so much more. Cuba is such a unique and special place and I hope I did it justice by what I’ve shared. I also hope it gives you a little Cuba fashion inspo 🙂   Would love your thoughts! xx Nicole


Cuba has been on my travel bucket list for as long as I can remember. When I went back to Trinidad for Carnival back in March, I decided it might be a good time to squeeze in a Cuba trip after because I was already out that way. I went with amazing photographer and good friend of mine Michael Moretti, (@Moretti) and we decided to just go and create with no strict itinerary. Cuba is such a unique and fascinating place. I’ve traveled the whole world and I found there is no place like it. Its history has so much depth and is so complex; I felt all kinds of mixed emotions when I was there. On one hand I was so excited to finally be there- the Cuban culture is just as vibrant as the the city of Havana. Colorful vintage cars, fruit stands and graffiti/ street art on the walls of the buildings…the city is just so full of life and color its like a dream. I also found the energy of the …