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I just came back from an amazing few days in Anguilla. It was my first time ever there. I have always wanted to go and needed a few days of relaxation to end my crazy year of nonstop traveling. I went with a few blogger friends and we stayed at The Reef by CusinArt, Anguilla’s newest luxury resort. This was the first time I visited a new place and didn’t explore outside of the resort. I stayed put and really enjoyed the hotel and its amenities. Next time I visit, which will be soon, I will definitely explore the island more and its beaches. The Reef by CusinArt has only been open for a few months and everything is exquisite. Its situated on a beautiful  beach, with a beautiful pool and oceanfront suites. I stayed in one of their oceanfront junior suites and woke up with the best ocean views every morning. I was in heaven. Besides being on a beautiful beach, my favorite part of the resort was the food. Being a CuisinArt Resort, …


A quick flight from New York and anywhere on the East Coast is the island of Bermuda. I often visit New York and have always wanted to make the trip to Bermuda because it’s so close, and I finally did. Bermuda is a happy and beautiful island. I was blown away by how genuinely friendly and happy the locals were. I found in all my travels that the local people have such an impact on your experience. My most magical travel experiences are in places where the local people have good energy. The energy of a place is highly affected by the energy of the people there. Unfortunately out of the three days I was in Bermuda, it rained two of those days. I only had one sunny day to experience the island and its beaches and that was not enough. I was definitely not ready to leave. Because it was raining, we had to figure out other things to do besides lay by the pool and go to the beach. We decided to visit …


I jetted off to a last minute trip to Aruba for the weekend with Marriott Caribbean & Latin America Resorts. I went through their newly launched Solo Travel Series which is such a cool concept for traveling solo. It offers two packages- one called “All About Me” and the other “Solo & Social” to cater to different types of solo travelers. This really appealed to me because I started traveling solo after I quit my steady job last year, and basically started traveling alone to build my own brand and try to make a living out of it. Many people don’t have someone to travel with so they decide to travel alone, and this program offers all the safety precautions so all you have to do is enjoy yourself and not have to worry about the risks that come along with traveling solo. I got to Aruba after a hurricane and left right before Hurricane Nicole (how coincidental/appropriate lol) so I got really lucky. The weather was cloudy the first day and the ocean wasn’t calm like it …


I recently visited Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for the 2nd time. I was there with a group of friends, and we basically just relaxed, ate & drank, played Monopoly and did a one day boat excursion. I was only there for 3 days so it was a pretty short trip, and I didn’t take many pictures because I tried to shut my brain off and disconnect. I had done a lot of traveling before getting there so I just needed a few days to relax and unwind. I was pretty much a slob (ha). I’ve been to most islands in the Caribbean and they are all beautiful, but one I haven’t been to that is next on my list is Turks & Caicos. Stay tuned!


I’m in the Philippines! After flying into Manila, I had a couple hours to kill before my flight to the island of Cebu. After landing in Cebu, I drove for 3 hours to get to Kawasan Falls. It’s a beautiful waterfall in the lush mountains of Cebu. After we parked it was about a 10-15 minute walk along a beautiful, clear freshwater river leading to the waterfall. Right when we started walking it started to rain (just my luck), but it was a warm rain so it actually made the experience unique and kind of special. Stay tuned for more of my Philippines trip on the way!