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Today for lunch, I had pretty much a heart attack in a baguette lol. But is was sooooooooo bomb. Now, THIS is my kind of food. If you eat too healthy, this isn’t the place for you lol. You don’t see many women devouring this kind of food, especially in LA where you have the “salad eaters”, you know, the girls who eat rabbit food all day.
Fat Sal’s is on some other shit. Like I’m talkin’ bout the real deal epic kind of shit. It’s grub food at its finest and the best part about it, it’s open late night. It’s located in Westwood on Gayley right off the UCLA campus (I’m a proud UCLA alumni btw). It’s right next to In’ N Out on Gayley where fraternity row is. They are opening another location in Hollywood too, coming soon! Fat Sal’s is a gold mine. It’s amazing food for cheap for all the broke college students lol and it’s in the perfect location! It’s a little stand (no inside seating), with a a couple stools and bar counters outdoors to eat. The menu is absolutely ridiculous lol. Jerry Ferrera from Entourage AKA “Turtle” is one of the co-owners.
And speaking of Jerry, I ordered his sandwich: the “FAT JERRY”. All of their sandwiches look crazy and incredible, and I can not wait to go back and try something else

cheese steak | chicken fingers | mozzarella sticks | crisp bacon
fried eggs | fries | mayo | ketchup | salt & pepper | on a hero

Check out their crazy sandwich menu on their website! 

Fat Sal’s


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