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Alright. This is serious. Burgers are my favorite food of all time. I am always on the hunt for the best burger not only in Los Angeles, but in the world. I’ve had some pretty damn good burgers in my life, but Fleming’s for happy hour is one of my favorite places in the world. It has the BEST happy hour I’ve ever been to. I’m a regular there, I usually go once a week. Everything is so delicious- 5 star quality food for the best prices. The prime burger is usually $12, but if you go for happy hour it is 6 bucks. Fleming’s has happy hour EVERYDAY! (4pm-7pm Mon-Sat, and 5pm-7pm on Sunday). Everything on the happy hour menu is $6 for all food and cocktails (martini’s, beer and wine- posted a picture of happy hour menu below).
At Flemings Steakhouse you get the 5-star quality dining experience for half the price if you go at happy hour and sit in the bar. It is a nice, romantic steakhouse but if you sit in the bar it is still upscale and you can enjoy the best food for cheap while watching a sports game on one of their big screen TV’s.
Ok, back to the burger. I am a huge fan of In’N Out, but Fleming’s prime burger blows In’N Out OUT of the water. It is a thick, top quality beef patty, melted cheese (you can choose from cheddar, swiss or bleu cheese), BACON, lettuce, tomato, and a chipotle/aioli/thousand island dressing. It comes with either fries, or cripsy onion rings. It is so juicy and the bun is buttery and fluffy but toasted to perfection. The flavor of this burger is perfect. It is honestly my FAVORITE burger. Did you hear that? I said it’s my favorite burger, and that’s HUGE for me to say. I’ve been to In’N’Out, Apple Pan, Umami burger, Father’s Office, and sooo many other places so trust me I know what I’m talking about. A lot of people don’t know about Fleming’s happy hour so it’s definitely one of my best kept secrets.

My FAVRORITE burger…that’s a BOLD statement!
My recommendations for Flemings Steakhouse for happy hour:
    • Prime burger. Cooked medium. Cheddar cheese. With onion rings. (comes with bacon) $6. My FAVORITE burger.
    • The Cajun BBQ shrimp is SO good. It’s four/five shrimp soaked in a spicy cajun sauce with crostini bread. The flavor is so delicious. Such a kick to it! BOMB. (Pictured below)
    • Beef Carpaccio is amazing for an appetizer. The meat just falls apart. Spicy mustard sauce on top with delicious toasted cheese crostinis. (Pictured below)
    • Calamari is really good too. It’s asian flared with a sweet and sour glaze, not your typical calamari.  (Pictured above)
    • All their martini’s are good. They even feature a special martini or cocktail of the day that is only 90 calories for those of you who watch your weight. ALL martinis on happy hour menu are only $6!
    • They serve a tall, chilled glass of Blue Moon or Guiness beer (whatever is featured that day) for only $3!


  • Dessert is really good too. Not on happy hour but still a reasonable price. The Creme Brulee is amazing, as well as the chocolate soufflee/lava cake. IF you have room, try one 🙂


Creme Brulee is sooo good! Handmade whipped cream too
The Chocolate souflee cake is amazing too 🙂


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