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I just came back from spending a few weeks in Israel. I went for Tel Aviv Fashion Week, hosted by the Israel Board of Tourism and it was such an incredible experience. I grew up visiting my family in Israel, so I had been many times before but this was my first fashion week experience there! Israel has such amazing fashion designers and I was very proud to support and be a part of the most important fashion movement of the year there. I even got to see one of my favorite wedding dress designers live, Galia Lahav! I had a few other blogger friends on the trip with me and we were such a fun group. Below is a snippet of some fashion week fun, and stay tuned for my full Israel VLOG, where I went all over Israel… coming soon. I’m so excited about it! Peep fashion week video + a few pics below. Video directed by Solmaz Saberi FEW RUNWAY LOOKS        


I just came back from a road trip to Joshua Tree for my first time with all my best girl friends. We rented a house and stayed for 2 nights and just had some great girl bond time together. We spent a few hours at Joshua Tree National Park but it was raining and really cold so we didn’t spend too much time there. It’s so beautiful and I definitely want to visit again in the summer time! It was around a 3 hour drive from Los Angeles. My road trip fit! Wearing Candies available at Kohl’s. Shop my look now here! Also you can shop more looks on Candies Instagram here


I love summers in Europe. After I went to Italy this summer I went to Greece for a few days and visited Santorini and Mykonos. I had been to both places before in 2010, but wanted to go back again because I loved it. This time around was a different experience, but was still amazing in its own way. I flew from Naples, Italy straight to Santorini. I stayed in Fira for two nights and in between Fira and Oia for the other two nights. If I went back again, I would have stayed in Oia instead of Fira. Fira is great to go out for a night or visit for a day but the best place to stay in Santorini is Oia in my opinion. Oia is picture perfect- everywhere you look is like a postcard. There are charming shops, restaurants and boutique hotels on the cliffside and the views are incredible. Make sure to venture down the steps to the sea and have dinner by the water. There is a killer lobster pasta at …


Whenever I go on a long trip, I usually start off in New York to break up the flight time. I spend a few days there, get a few meetings and work in, visit my sister who lives there, and then head somewhere from the East Coast. This was the trip before I headed to Italy, Greece and Croatia in August. I stayed at The Time Hotel in Manhattan for a few days, and headed to Italy from there. I ate at a really bomb place in Brooklyn called Emily which is known for their burger and pizzas. I will do a separate blog post on it 🙂 I also visited Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center for an amazing view of Manhattan. ($32 general admission to go to the top) I am going on another long trip in a few weeks to Europe, and will  be back in NYC again- I love it there. Below are a few pictures from my trip in August. HANGING WITH MY SISTER HANGING OUT AT THE TIME …



TOAST is a a very popular breakfast/brunch/lunch located in the heart of Los Angeles on Third Street. Always buzzing with people with a crowd waiting outside to be seated, Toast is very “LA”, and what I mean by that is it’s very “sceney”- lots of celebrities eat here and wanna-be “actors” and people in entertainment. Right across the street from the famous “Joan’s on 3rd”, where you can sight celebrities there all the time, Toast has a very LA “hollywood” vibe as well, and if you live in LA you know what I mean. But anyway, I love Toast. They have a great breakfast and lunch menu. The food is super yummy. I went to lunch with my E! work buddies, and we all sat outside under an umbrella on a beautiful LA sunny day. The menu is big with lots of options, and I couldn’t decide between breakfast or lunch (they have great pancakes, french toast, waffles, breakfast burritos and omelets), but we all decided to order off the lunch menu. HOT CHOCOLATE- So yummy and …



     Pink’s Hotdogs in Hollywood has been a family-owned Hollywood institution since 1939. Located on La Brea Ave., you will rarely drive by this hot dog stand and NOT see a long line. It’s always packed with tourists to see what this famous hot dog stand is all about. I have heard many mixed reviews about this place. A lot of people actually don’t think it’s anything special. At least not what it’s hyped up to be, and my response……it all depends what you order. I’ve been to Pink’s many times, and have gotten it wrong many times. Everything I tried was just “OK”, nothing amazing that made me want to rush back. But when I decided to give it another try, I finally got it right. After waiting in line FOR AN HOUR, like, what was I thinking? lol, this is what I ordered and I won’t try ANYTHING else from this place. It’s a masterpiece. Ready??? My Pink’s hot dog masterpiece is: HOT POLISH SAUSAGE WITH CHILI, NACHO CHEESE, & BACON. It’s messy …



I love good sandwiches and Malibu Kitchen has amazing wraps and sandwiches. It’s a tiny, cute market in Malibu Country Mart on Cross Creek Rd. right off PCH (Pacific Coast Highway). They have amazing goodies from cheeses, wine and fresh baguettes, to candy and a fresh bakery with amazing desserts. But I go for their deli-they make BOMB wraps. I always either get the tuna melt wrap grilled CRUNCHY (which is extra $), or the hot pastrami wrap with the tortilla grilled crunchy as well. OMG. So good! The tortillas are grilled crispy, flaky, and golden brown. This is what makes the wraps so amazing. Make sure you ask them to grill it crunchy for you 🙂 Today, I went on the most beautiful hike in Malibu with amazing waterfalls and after building up an appetite, decided to stop at Malibu Kitchen for one of their delicious wraps. They ran out of pastrami today, so ordered their homemade corned beef, which was just as amazing. Tuna Melt grilled with pepperjack cheese, guacamole, tomato & side of pesto …