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If you are ever in the Santa Monica or Venice area, Sauce is a delicious hole in the wall. My sister and I usually do the Santa Monica stairs, and head to Sauce after our work out for a yummy healthy brunch. This spot is TINY, but the food is really good, and it’s all healthy and organic.

In the picture above, I created my own chicken sandwich with cheese, avocado, tomato, bacon, and a spicy chipotle sauce. It was really good. Everthing is tasty- they have fresh salads, a variety of omelets and breakfast sandwiches, burgers, fish, etc. The ciabatta bread at Sauce is sooo good & the sweet potatoes are a must!

My recommendations:

  • Turkey burger with a side of sweet potatoes
  • Create your own sandwich! They will make anything for you (the one I created above was yum)
  • Super Breakfast Sandwich instead of wheat, sub it for CIABATTA bread
  • Sweet potatoes & ciabatta bread are really good so I recommend a dish with those two in it, lol
Sauce on Hampton
259 Hampton Drive
CA 90291
So Lonely

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