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 MOVE OVER FROZEN YOGURT, THERE IS A NEW WAVE COMING! In and around Los Angeles, you see hundreds of frozen yogurt places everywhere. “Fro-yo” blew up the scene a couple years ago, and became trendy spots for a sweet treat anytime of the day. Frozen Yogurt became so popular in LA because all the skinny people could enjoy it without feeling guilty lol, because most Frozen Yogurt places serve NON-FAT yogurt. Therefore, this delicious low-calorie treat became popular among many. It’s also fun because of the many different combinations you can create from yogurt flavors and candy/fruit toppings. But in New York City, it’s not frozen yogurt that’s popular. It’s RICE PUDDING! Rice pudding places have been popping up everywhere in  NYC, and it’s replacing the “Fro-Yo” craze. The most popular and famous rice pudding place in the city is a place called RICE TO RICHES. Inside this place looks like an ice-cream shop with all different kinds of rice pudding flavors, and a wall of yummy toppings to choose from. I had fun sampling …



     I was recommended by a bunch of people to go to Artichoke for amazing pizza in New York City. There are couple locations around the city- I went to the one in Chelsea, right next to two of the hottest clubs: Avenue, and 1Oak. After partying at 1Oak with my sister, we decided to grab a slice at Artichoke right next door to see what the hype was all about. I’ve been to all the best pizza spots in NYC, AND Brooklyn even, so Artichoke had a lot to live up to, and it did not disappoint.      I ordered their famous Artichoke slice, and my sister ordered a Margarita slice. I LOVED it. My slice had no tomato sauce, but it had SO much flavor it didn’t need it. It tasted like a mix between cheese, spinach and artichoke dip and creamy Alfredo sauce all mixed into one sauce with chunks of artichoke. I usually like tomato sauce on my pizza, but the Artichoke slice is so good, I didn’t miss it. The crust was …



      I just went to Bowery on Sunset Blvd. over the weekend. Supposedly, like so many other places, this place is known for having “the best burger in LA”. I am constantly trying to figure out which place really does have the BEST burger, because there are so many good ones out there. I must admit, Bowery has a pretty damn good burger. Bowery is a nice gastropub with great food. I went on Saturday night for dinner and the place was packed. I went solely to try their burger, because that’s what it’s known for, and if you know me, you know my favorite food is a burger lol. I was starving though, and went all out lol. First thing ordered was the Tomato Soup with herb goat cheese. The tomato soup was the best tomato soup I ever had. Rich and flavorful, and the garlic crostini with goat cheese on top really made it. Also ordered the Macaroni & Cheese with Bread crumble topping for an appetizer. This was so delicious. I love Mac …



Catch 21 is a casual & healthy seafood/BBQ grill that has all types of seafood and healthy salads. Not everything is healthy, they have fried fish, french fries and calamari lol, but they have tons of healthy options. Not everything is seafood either, they have BBQ options of chicken and pork ribs too, but if you like fish and feel like something healthy for lunch or dinner, they have all types of different fish you can get in different ways. I love seabass, so I ordered blackened/cajun seabass on top of salad with balsamic dressing. You make your own salad, and they give you a pretty generous portion. The seabass was fresh with lots of flavor. It’s good “fast” food for a good price. HE’S MAKING MY SALAD 🙂 For location and a menu: CATCH 21 17316 Ventura Blvd. Encino, CA 91316 (818) 789- 3474



Behold, one of the best deli sandwiches in Los Angeles. Bay Cities Deli is located on Lincoln Blvd. in Santa Monica, and this tiny Italian grocery market is very famous for their deli sandwiches. Let me just say, the bread is made fresh daily and it is my FAVORITE sandwich bread ever. Crisy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. If you ask me, bread makes a sandwich, and even though everything that is IN the sandwich is delicious, this fresh bread is to die for. I’ve been to Bay Cities Deli a couple times, and I always get the hot pastrami with pepper jack cheese, jalepenos, and the works (lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, mustard, mayo, italian dressing). All sandwiches above are the HOT PASTRAMI w/ melted cheese, jalepenos, & the works The Pastrami is amazing. Thinly cut, juicy and flavorful. The best. This sandwich is extremely JUICY & SAUCY, just the way I like things 😉 All their sandwiches are great, and besides the hot pastrami, the most famous ones are: ~Caprese-with water mozzerella, …



     I live right down the street from King’s Fish House located in the Calabasas Commons, so I’ve been going there for years. So many great items on the menu from sushi, fish, oysters, crab, lobster, salads and more. Everything is good at King’s…I’ve ordered many different things on the menu, but here are some of the things I’ve recently ordered: ~Kumamoto Oysters– great with lemon and hot sauce! Not a big oyster eater, but these were tiny so I liked them lol. ~Wild Alaskan Red King Crab (1 lb)- side of Grilled Zucchini and Sweet Buttered Corn. Great crab. I felt like it wasn’t enough for the price, but it was really good. ~Lemon Nut Crusted Wild Californian Seabass- side of Cole Slaw and Mac N’ Cheese. Loved this. Great flavorful fish and the Mac N’ Cheese was perfect! ~Wild Caribbean Spiny Lobster Tail– side of Mac N’ Cheese & Sauteed Spinach *I also suggest their Clam Chowder & Southwest Salad with Blackened Chicken. One of my favorite salads! King’s Fish House is a …



I love Acai Bowls with fresh fruit. Especially when it’s warm out- nothing is more refreshing. In San Diego, there is this place called San Diego Blenders where they are known for their Brazilian Acai,  fresh fruit bowls and smoothies, and wheat grass shots and juices. I’ve tried Acai Bowls at other places in LA, and nothing beats the one at San Diego Blenders. Everytime I go to San Diego for the weekend, I always make sure to stop there. San Diego Blenders      When I go to San Diego Blenders, I get the “Brazilian Bowl”- it’s a big bowl with Acai thick smoothie, topped with a lot of fresh fruit and granola. The portion is generous, it’s a meal in itself. Great breakfast or lunch stop when you want something healthy. The fruit is fresh and there is something about the granola they use, I love it. The Brazilian Bowl is the best thing they have in my opinion, but they have so many great options for smoothies and different fruit bowls you can get. Amazing “Brazilian Bowl” I use …



Besides burgers and sushi, my other favorite food is sandwiches lol. Nothing like a good sandwich with fresh bread. A very popular place known for an amazing sandwich is in the city of Santa Monica called “Bay Cities Deli”, which I have been to multiple times and will blog about soon. But, if you live in the Valley, a great place for a good sandwich is Cavaretta’s. It’s similar to Bay Cities because it is an italian grocery store that has a deli inside that makes sandwiches. Located near the huge Topanga Westfield Mall, it is a great place to stop for lunch.   I ordered the tuna melt with the works (lettuce, cheese, tomato, mayo, mustard, dressing) on a fluffly, fresh sesame submarine bread. It was delicious. Messy just the way I like it! Also ordered half pastrami, half turkey sub with melted cheese and the works. So good! The bread is so fresh and the sandwich is saucy and amazing lol. Also, I carry a bottle of hot sauce with me at all times. …



I live right by an Arnie Morton’s Steakhouse, and since I love happy hour, I decided to go there to check out their “Bar Bites” Menu. Everything on the Bar Bites menu is $6 & $7. Beer is $5, wine is $6.50, and select cocktails are $7.50 during happy hour as well. Prices may vary depending on location, but these are the prices for the Woodland Hills location. Morton’s is similar to a steakhouse like Flemings, upscale, but still nice to go for a drink and appetizers after a long day at work and watch a sports game on one of their bar TV’s. Bar Bites Menu This is what I ordered: ~Mojito & Cosmo martini- $7.50 each ~Blue Cheese Steak Fries- melted Bleu cheese, red pepper flakes, and chives- $6 Very strong bleu cheese. If you like bleu cheese, you will love this. The cheese was a little too strong for my liking but loved the steak fries. ~Mini Crab Cake BLT’s- three crab cakes surved on silver dollar rolls with bacon, lettuce tomato, …