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    I just went to Bowery on Sunset Blvd. over the weekend. Supposedly, like so many other places, this place is known for having “the best burger in LA”. I am constantly trying to figure out which place really does have the BEST burger, because there are so many good ones out there. I must admit, Bowery has a pretty damn good burger.

Bowery is a nice gastropub with great food. I went on Saturday night for dinner and the place was packed. I went solely to try their burger, because that’s what it’s known for, and if you know me, you know my favorite food is a burger lol. I was starving though, and went all out lol.

First thing ordered was the Tomato Soup with herb goat cheese. The tomato soup was the best tomato soup I ever had. Rich and flavorful, and the garlic crostini with goat cheese on top really made it.

Also ordered the Macaroni & Cheese with Bread crumble topping for an appetizer. This was so delicious. I love Mac N’ Cheese, and this one was a good one. I could make a meal out of just this. Creamy and flavorful perfection.


Now, the burgers. The meat is super thick and cooked medium rare. I got mine with goat cheese, applewood smoked bacon and avocado with aoili. The other burger had grilled onions, gruyere, and a fried egg. Also ordered a mix of sweet potato and regular fries for the side. The burgers were great. Juicy and BIG. It was hard to take a bite out of it because the meat was so thick, and one of the best parts about their burgers which makes them unique, is the bun is actually a crispy, buttery English Muffin! I’ve never had a burger with an English Muffin as the bun, but it was actually amazing and genius! Sometimes buns are too thick and heavy, and it takes away from the meat. That’s why an English Muffin is perfect because it doesn’t over power the meat and everything else, and it’s not too “bready”. I loved it.

BOWERY BURGER with goat cheese, applewood smoked bacon and avocado

BOWERY BURGER with a fried egg, gruyere cheese & grilled onion

Bowery has great food, and a nice vibe for having drinks at the bar. The Bowery burger is delicious, and is definitely in the running to being one of LA’s greatest burgers. Check out all my postings under “Burgers” to see which one you think is the best! I’d love your comments.

6268 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028
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