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Besides burgers and sushi, my other favorite food is sandwiches lol. Nothing like a good sandwich with fresh bread. A very popular place known for an amazing sandwich is in the city of Santa Monica called “Bay Cities Deli”, which I have been to multiple times and will blog about soon. But, if you live in the Valley, a great place for a good sandwich is Cavaretta’s. It’s similar to Bay Cities because it is an italian grocery store that has a deli inside that makes sandwiches. Located near the huge Topanga Westfield Mall, it is a great place to stop for lunch.

  • I ordered the tuna melt with the works (lettuce, cheese, tomato, mayo, mustard, dressing) on a fluffly, fresh sesame submarine bread. It was delicious.

Messy just the way I like it!
  • Also ordered half pastrami, half turkey sub with melted cheese and the works. So good! The bread is so fresh and the sandwich is saucy and amazing lol. Also, I carry a bottle of hot sauce with me at all times. Bomb with sandwiches! A nice addition to almost anything I eat 🙂

Cavaretta’s have won many awards for their sandwiches. It’s an authentic Italian little market that has a great deli. If you are around the Woodland Hills area and craving a good sandwich, Cavaretta’s is a good choice!

22045 Sherman Way
Woodland Hills, CA 91303
(818) 340-6626

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