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     The Edison is in Downtown LA, and it is one of the coolest bar/lounges I have ever been to. The place is so unique and beautiful, with an industrial warehouse kind of vibe. The whole theme is the 1920’s, and everywhere there are real architectural artifacts from LA’s first private power plant back in the days of Thomas Edison. There is a room of electricity generators from the 1920’s, black and white classic footage projecting on the walls, and real shoe shining stations you’d see on the streets of New York City in the 1920’s. The Edison is like a huge underground warehouse- upstairs is the lobby, coat check, and smoking lounge, and downstairs is massive with several little rooms to gather with friends to dine and enjoy cocktails, and a huge main bar that serves their famous artisanal cocktails.
Me in front of electricity generators


A view of classic black and white 1920’s footage projected on the walls

I went on a Friday night, and usually unless you get there super early, there is a massive line around the corner to get in. My friends have waited for hours trying to get in this place, but I went on a rainy Friday night at 11pm, and was able to walk right in. The dress code is very strict. Many people are turned away if they aren’t dressed appropriate. For men, no t-shirts, hats and sneakers allowed. Many men have to dress it up. Women are not allowed sneakers either, and every woman I saw there was dressed to impress. Security is very uptight and strict inside, they do not hesitate to ask you to leave. Also, you are not allowed to take pictures of the place unless you are in the picture (ridiculous), and no videotaping allowed. At the beginning of the night I kind of felt stalked and was getting a little irritated by all the interupptions I was getting from the people who worked there saying I wasn’t allowed to do this and that, but regardless I ordered a couple drinks and enjoyed myself. It was a great night.
The Edison has live music usually on Thursdays, and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday they have a 35 cent martini special for your first one, and reduced appetizers for happy hour from 5-7pm. The Edison is defintely not a dance club- it’s a lounge to socialize and drink with friends or a nice place to go for dinner or happy hour.

Drinks I ordered:

The Highland Breeze~ $13- Blanco Tequila, Pernod Absinthe, cucumber water, agave nectar, fresh-squeezed lime juice, Shaken topped with a splash of soda

Carnivale~ $13- Sagatiba “Velha” Aged Cachaca, cherry liquor, almond syrup, hot sauce & fresh-squeezed lime juice

*We also ordered a couple beers, and a drink that our server created for me after telling him what I liked. It was a refreshing martini with vodka, cucumber and mint. See below in food pictures…

Left: Carnivale  Right: The Highland Breeze

The drinks were a little foreign tasting to me, although I did appreciate the unique taste. I always like trying something different from what I’m used to. We heard about the Edison’s famous Singapore Wings so we had to try them. They also had a unique taste to them. The flavor was so potent, and we spent so long trying to figure out the familiar flavor we tasted while eating them. I think it was made with the spice “cumin”. They were really good, but the flavor was strong so I was satisfied with just a couple of them. We also ordered the Chocolate Bread Pudding made with Edison’s Woodford Reserve and caramel sauce with a side of vanilla ice cream for dessert. The food menu at the Edison all looked so good, but we weren’t so hungry so I am going to head back soon for happy hour to try more of their appetizers.

The Edison’s Singapore Wings
Chocolate Bread Pudding

This place is a must see- the decor is so amazing, and the architecture and theme of the place is so unique. There is so much to see, the place is massive downstairs, and it is just beautiful. Highly recommended to go at least once and check it out. Make sure you plan accordingly so you don’t have to wait in line. They have no mercy! You can reserve a table for $50 a person minimum but I do not think it’s worth it at all, the tables are super tiny and so close together. They are all over the place so you can find sections to sit and be served without ordering a $50 minimum per person. People reserve one so they don’t have to wait in line, but my suggestion is to just get there early enough if you go on one of their busy nights which is Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. By early I mean 8:30-9pm, because after that the line starts getting long. If you don’t live around Downtown LA I know it’s out of the way, but you should go at least once to check this place out…it’s worth it!

108 West 2nd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 613-0000
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