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     I’m making this post short and SWEET. I had to make a posting just for the BANANA PUDDING from the famous Magnolia Bakery. I LOVE banana cream pie, so obviously I fell in love with this banana pudding as soon as I tried it.

Magnolia Bakery originated in New York City in 1996, on a quiet corner in the heart of Greenwich Village. Now there are six Magnolia Bakery’s. I’ve been to the one in Grand Central Station in New York City, but lucky for me, one just opened up in Los Angeles on 3rd Street close to the Beverly Center mall (and conveniently close to the E! office where I work!).

The bakery is so cute and charming- everything is pastel colors with black and white checkered floors, it’s just a sweet little dessert shop. The cupcakes and cakes are famous from there, but I always just get the banana pudding. I think it’s the best thing they have. It’s not heavy- it’s super light and fluffy with chunks of fresh banana and vanilla wafers.

~Lemon Meringue Cupcake w/ Butter Cream Frosting
~Caramel cupcake w/ sweet cream cheese frosting and toasted pecans
If you like banana, get this pudding! You can get it in pints so you can save it for the next day too!

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