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(This post was sponsored by Olay, but all my opinions are my own). 

As we all are spending a lot of time at home, I am finding ways of self-care  to feel my best everyday. One of the things that I take seriously as most of you know is my skin. I barely wear makeup, and that’s because I feel confident about my skin because I take care of it. Now that I’m in my thirties, I am looking for ways to prevent and prolong wrinkles and aging as much as possible. I feel like I live in a world where everyone gets botox and fillers to look younger (which I find nothing wrong with), but if I can prolong doing those things or even doing them at all, and use a product at home that works, why not! I love discovering new products and sharing my skincare obsessions with you on here, I hope you like it too!

I have tried lots of different face serums, moisturizers, and gels- I even got into using retinol products for the first time recently. I have also been on the hunt for a good anti-aging serum and have been using Olay’s New Wrinkle Correction Serum for the past month. I love Olay’s skin products because they are affordable and I see results. I started off trying out their Retinol24 Collection and saw results in 28 days- my skin was glowing!  I decided to try their Wrinkle Correction Serum because I also heard that it gives results in just a few weeks, and finding a good anti-aging product was a priority for me.

I’ve been super excited about this product and even had the opportunity to talk about it on the Dr. Phil show!

(You can watch the Dr. Phil x Olay segment by clicking the pic below!


An alternative to fillers! With B3 and peptides, this is an anti-aging serum to fight wrinkles. One drop has the power to renew 1 million skin cells! I use this every morning and night on a clean face, and apply moisturizer afterwards. I noticed brighter and smoother skin in just a few days, and it felt more firm after using it for just a few weeks. I also love the texture- it feels silky, light and soothing on the skin. It absorbs nicely and doesn’t make my face feel greasy or oily. I had to give it to my mom to try, she had been dying for a good anti-aging serum and she’s been loving it too!

Honestly my skin has never felt and looked better. I’ve been enjoying not wearing makeup and seeing noticeable results in a short amount of time-my skin looks refreshed, smoother and brighter. In all the pictures in this blog post I am not wearing ANY face makeup, and took the pictures one week apart. I really wanted to show my skin natural-unfiltered and unedited. A recent study shows that women feel worse about themselves after seeing a beauty advertisement. Therefore I joined Olay’s Skin Promise by pledging to show you my skin with zero retouching and no face makeup. I love the message this gives to our generation and hope it inspires women to feel confident in their own skin. If you watch my Instagram stories, the majority of my content I am makeup-free and don’t like to use filters that often. I am all about a more natural look, less is more to me. I’m proud to stand behind Olay in this Face Anything movement by showcasing my authentic skin.

If you try out this product I would love to know your thoughts on it! I hope you like it as much as I do. You can get it here on

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