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I wanted to get candid about being in my 30’s and how I feel about aging, taking care of my skin, and how to stay looking young. I don’t do many posts like this because my beauty and skin routine has always been pretty minimal and simple. I have said on here and on Instagram that I have never gotten any plastic surgery, or have anything fake- even down to my hair and nails. I of course have no issues and there is no judgment whatsoever for those who have done those things. Whatever empowers and makes you feel beautiful I think is a good thing, as long as you are doing it for yourself and no one else I fully support it. I always said I want to age gracefully, and never want to alter or change the way God made me, and I still intend to do that. I remember in my 20’s my friends would look at me crazy for never doing botox and I always said I would wait until my 30’s to do it. Well, my 30’s are here and I want to share that I have finally started my BOTOX JOURNEY!


I think Botox is great. It is preventative care to delay lines and wrinkles, and in no way alters or changes your face. I laugh a lot, I’m always in the sun, and lines on my face were bound to start showing any day. I figured why not start now before they actually came, just to delay the process and help prevent them from coming on strong. I found a place I really like and trust called West Valley Medical Aesthetics. It’s located in the valley (Agoura Hills), and I went to see Karen who is absolutely amazing and so knowledgeable about skincare- she has been in this practice for over 30 years. Botox is really low maintenance- you only really need to go a few times a year (they suggest every 3-4 months). Karen does other skin treatments besides botox, and West Valley Medical Aesthetics also offers other treatments such as laser, cool sculpting, fillers, etc. I like Karen because she’s very modest with injecting- less is more and she is all about keeping it as natural as possible (as am I). I was a little nervous to do it for my first time because I didn’t want my face to look frozen, but she did very little so I still have natural movement and it just prevents from getting deeper lines in the future.


I keep it super simple. I rarely wear makeup if I don’t have to, and if I do I rarely wear foundation- only blush, bronzer, mascara and sometimes eyeliner. I make sure I go to bed with a clean face every night always removing my makeup, and use great products like Skin Ceuticals every morning after I wash my face with water. I never get facials or anything either, I try to leave my face alone as much as possible. I also make sure to wear sunscreen on my face, drink enough water, moisturize as much as possible which helps your skin a lot too.

I know a lot of people don’t talk about doing these kinds of treatments on social media but I thought it would be good to share my experience! It’s nothing to be ashamed of and it’s a very common treatment- literally everyone I know does it, but most people don’t talk about it! Aging is a bitch and I want to embrace it gracefully yet still take care to prevent and delay the process as much as possible lol.

What are your thoughts on botox?

If you are looking into trying Botox and located in the Los Angeles area, I highly recommend Karen at West Valley Aesthetics. She makes you feel so comfortable and really takes the time to give you a full skin consultation and shares advice on what she suggests. She spent so much time with me just talking about skin and educating me! If you decide to make an appointment with her, tell them I sent you!

(This is in no way a paid AD- just wanted to share who I went to with you guys in case you are looking into doing treatments!)



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