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My first Hangout Fest in Gulf Shores Alabama. I got invited to attend, and I had never been to the festival, nor had I ever been to Alabama! I had heard about it through one of my friends, and I knew it was a music festival on the beach. I decided to go with my sister and we had a lot of fun.

It’s definitely different than Coachella, or any other music festival I’ve been to. It’s a lot smaller, and right on the sand on a beach in Gulf Shores. I felt like most people who attended were either from Alabama or the surrounding states in the South and mid west, but there were some people I met from the West Coast.

You fly into the Pensacola airport in Florida, which is the closest international airport to Gulf Shores. We took a Lyft from the airport in Pensacola to Gulf Shores which was around $70.

Here are a few things to know when going to HangOut Festival:

  • Fly into Pensacola airport. Pensacola is a 45-55 minute drive to Gulf Shores, Alabama.
  • Pack light. Most people were in bathing suits the whole time because it’s humid and HOT. People were wearing casual beach outfits, with swim suits and shorts, coverups, etc. It’s a really bright and colorful festival, so I’d suggest packing colorful pieces to make it fun!
  • Bring a clear backpack, or fanny pack. They won’t let you into the festival with a regular bag or backpack unless it’s clear. They turned me away even when I had a VIP ticket because I had a big beach bag, so I had to go to a store to purchase a clear backpack which they sell everywhere for the festival.
  • Hydrate. Drink lots of fluids because you’re at the beach for hours and the sun is strong. Even when the sun isn’t out, it’s hot.
  • Wear sunscreen! Protect your skin. I saw a lot of burnt bodies there, lol.
  • They didn’t have Uber when I was there, but the Lyft situation was pretty easy and efficient. I used Lyft to and from the festival from my hotel, and if it wasn’t peak times it was pretty cheap. Drop off and entrance to the festival is also pretty easy (and nothing like Coachella). You don’t have to walk a mile into the festival or anything.
  • There is lots of food options inside the festival, but if you want to eat before or after the festival there are some restaurants right outside to grub before heading in. My sister and I went to Sunliner diner which was the cutest diner walking distance from the festival, and there is a Rita’s right there as well for custard, shaved ice and ice cream!

Here are some pics from Hangout weekend! xx

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