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My trip to Antarctica was the trip of a lifetime. I never thought it would be a place I would end up going to, so it felt absolutely surreal to be there. I felt so fortunate and grateful to experience it- it really felt like I stepped into another world- like I was on another planet. It’s so peaceful, and almost feels like you are on this spiritual journey, discovering new lands and new things about yourself while doing so. It’s not an easy trip by any means, crossing the Drake Passage I wouldn’t say was enjoyable or “fun”, but arriving in Antarctica makes it all worth it. I of course also had to do the signature “Antarctic Polar Plunge”- which I was surprised to see every person on board opted to do it too. I guess it’s one of those experiences you just had to do if you took that trek all the way to the edge of the earth. Big thank you to Albatros Expeditions for an incredible journey. I couldn’t recommend this expedition company enough- the expedition leaders were incredible- they just made the overall experience so special. The ship also felt luxurious and new.

If you are interested in booking a trip to Antarctica, check out Albatros Expeditions, and use my code “NICOLE22” for a significant discount off your trip price.

Footage shot by: Michael Moretti

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