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Padang is a city in Indonesia often overlooked by tourists, but along with its stunning sunset beaches, it’s a culinary hub for traditional Indonesian food and the origin of the country’s national dishes…and in Indonesia, rendang is king.

When I took my first bite of Rendang on the island of Siberut, little did I know that my life would never be the same. I had found my favorite chicken dish in the world. The complex and rich flavor of rendang had me speechless.

Rendang is a spicy meat dish that is most similar to curry. The dish can be made with chicken or beef, and because the beef rendang is cooked longer for the meat to get extra tender, the sauce tastes a bit richer than the sauce for the chicken rendang.

Lucky for me, I had a local and friend of mine, Erú take me to one of the best places to eat rendang in Padang! We ventured to Sari Reso for a great authentic Indonesian meal. Eating rendang is a “hands-on experience”, and it is the traditional way to enjoy the dish. In fact, all of Indonesian cuisine is meant to be eaten by hand- I was very into it! Indonesian cuisine has both Indian and Chinese influences, and it is the perfect fusion of both.

I had to take a taste of Indonesia home with me, so Erú took me to a local spice market after our meal to grab rendang mix that I could travel back home with. I look forward to cooking this traditional dish for my family very soon!

Hope you like the video!

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