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Lilia is known to be one of the best restaurants in New York. It’s known for amazing Italian food and hard to get a reservation. I recently went and ordered a bunch of dishes off the menu to make sure I tried enough to make a fair judgement on the place, and I left feeling unimpressed. I had high expectations and it definitely didn’t live up to the hype in my humble opinion. Although nothing was bad, nothing was out of this world or mind blowing. I think it’s worth to visit if you have the chance but don’t have the highest expectations because I feel like you’ll leave a little disappointed. Anytime something is super hyped, I feel like it’s always a let down. See the dishes I ordered below. * My favorite dishes were the Squash Filled Ravioli, with Hazelnuts, Parmigiano & Sage, and the Crispy Shrimp with Parsley Aioli. Also the garlic ciabatta bread as an appetizer was delicious!


I’m very excited to share that I am officially bi-coastal and will be traveling back and forth from LA to NY! I have always wanted to live in New York, but never ended up making the move because of work and travel… then my sister moved there a few years ago and I decided to get the best of both worlds by visiting regularly throughout the year- it gave me my NY fix. But this year I decided I wanted to spend more time there and found an amazing apartment in the heart of Soho. Apartment hunting in New York is stressful and a bit discouraging – you can see hundreds of apartments and every one has something missing. There’s really no such thing as the perfect NY apartment unless you want to spend a pretty penny – a very pretty penny. The apartment I found is perfect for what I need temporarily, and it couldn’t be in a more ideal location. You walk out my door and you’re in the heart of Soho with all …


I’ve gone to New York Fashion Week for the past 4 years. In the previous years I’ve gone as a field producer for E! Fashion Police, which was an incredible experience. We filmed the Fashion Police Episodes with Joan Rivers in the heart of NYFW as well as attended and covered all the runway shows and parties. I had the opportunity to produce talent at several designer shows and events, as well as interview designers and celebrities backstage before and after the runway shows. It was always hectic and a lot of work but very exciting. This was the first fashion week I attended by myself without E! and I was really nervous to go. I actually planned on not going but got peer pressured from a bunch of friends so decided to go last minute. I attended a few shows and events but left early to go back to LA to shoot my nude swim collection to get it up online. For all of those reading this that are wanting to go to New …


I go to New York pretty often for work and to visit my sister. My sis has lived there for the past 5 years so I always find a reason to visit. Last trip I went to surprise her for her birthday and we ate the entire city which is pretty much the only thing I do when I go to NY. I visited the end of October/beginning of November so it was the middle of Fall. New York is beautiful in the fall, especially Central Park which I had to visit. Below are a few pictures from my trip! Food highlights below (in order): Dominique Ansel Bakery (frozen smore’s & chocolate chip cookie shots), Rubirosa (pizza), and Peter Lugars Steakhouse in Brooklyn.


I took a quick break from my travels and flew into NY for Fashion Week to field produce for E! Fashion Police. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I have been producing on the show for the past 4.5 years, and finally decided to leave and pursue my career as a full time blogger. I love the energy and excitement of the city during fashion week, and also missed my coworkers who are like my family, so I decided to reunite with my team and field produce for Fashion Police for the week. Fashion Week is always crazy- there is so much going on. I was producing at runway shows, after parties and produced the E!/FP NYFW kickoff party. Below are some shots from the week!      


I went to Carbone for dinner after the NBA All Star game in New York this past Sunday. My sister who lives in New York, made a reservation for Carbone a month in advance. It’s not easy to get in. I was sitting court side at the All Star Game and had to leave at half time and give up my court side seat to make it in time for our 10:15pm reservation! You might think I’m crazy to give up my court side seat, but if you know me, you know how I take food very seriously so I wasn’t going to let this reservation go to waste. During halftime, I FINALLY had the chance to meet Jay Z (which I’ve been waiting my whole life for), so I was coming off a high. I felt like my life was complete, so it made leaving the game a little easier (ha). Before talking about the food, I have to mention that our table was a foot away from Nas at Carbone. We chatted through out dinner and …


Hey guys! Just returned from New York Fashion Week. It was painfully cold so I’m happy to be back in sunny Los Angeles. I was so busy field producing for E! Fashion Police, so I didn’t get to take many #OOTD pictures around the city unfortunately. I did want to share my outfit this past Saturday night at the GQ NBA All-Star party hosted by Lebron James. It was a dope party- The Roots, Rae Kwon & Nas all performed and the crowd was great.  I did my own makeup and wore an H&M dress with Max Mara fur and Manolo Blank thigh high boots. What do you think of my look?


I recently just got back from New York Fashion Week.  I was out there producing for E! Fashion Police and was running around the city going from one fashion show to the next interviewing designers backstage and celebrities sitting front row. It was my third year in a row going to NYFW and the energy in the city is just amazing.  Arriving at the Donna Karan Fashion Show to produce a piece with Donna Karan, model Jessica White, and the hottest makeup artist in the business-Charlotte Tilbury Dress: Naked Wardrobe / Shoes: Sergio Rossi / Purse & Sunglasses: YSL At  our E! Party at the Bowery Hotel with my Fashion Police Co-Workers Jumpsuit: Diane Von Furstenberg / Purse: Chanel Nicholas K Show Magical Monique Luilliuer Show BCBG Max Azria



     A perfect day to me in NYC during the summer is laying out at the Gansevoort hotel rooftop pool and going to Shake Shack at Madison Square Park for an early dinner with my girlfriends lol. Shake Shack is like LA’s In ‘N Out burger lol. In ‘N’ Out is probably the most famous “cheap” burger on the west coast, and Shake Shack is also a fast food burger chain in New York City that everyone loves. Shake Shack has more options than In’ N’ Out as far as burgers/toppings, fries and milkshakes, but the menu is fairly simple too. There is always a long line for Shake Shack so be prepared to wait! SINGLE SHACK BURGER W/ BACON, THE SMOKE SHACK, & CHEESE FRIES The burgers were great. I do like In ‘N’ Out better though.West Coast baby! Jk lol. But I would totally go back to Shake Shack for a cheap, good tasting burger. It was juicy, cheesy and had great flavor. The cheese fries were yummy and the custard we ordered …