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How can you take a trip to New York City and not go to Serendipity? Even though I was born and raised in LA, I’ve been to NYC several times, and I know how to do it right. I absolutely love going to New York during Christmas time. It is the most festive time in NYC and one of the most beautiful places in the world to be during that time of year.

Me in front of FAO Schwartz!
Me at Rockefeller Center ūüôā
¬†¬†¬†¬† After shopping down 5th Avenue, stopping at Rockefeller Center and making a stop at the famous FAO Schwartz, I of course had to make a visit to Serendipity for their FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATES. If you don’t already know about this, that’s unfortunate, so let me brief you real quick. First, do yourself a favor and go rent the movie Serendipity. It’s with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale (who is one of my favorite actresses, obsessed!). This movie is really what made Serendipity super famous and¬†a New York City landmark. But anyway,¬†Serendipity is¬†know for their FROZEN hot chocolates. Soooo good- it is served in a huge bowl topped with whipped cream and chocolate flakes. It pretty much tastes like a really good chocolate icey milkshake thing. It’s yummy.


Serendipity’s famous FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE

Super yummy!

Besides the frozen hot chocolates, Serendipity is just the cutest place ever. It’s located on 225 E 60th street between 2nd and 3rd Ave, (walking distance from 5th Avenue, Lexington, and Central Park). You walk down these steps (as if you were going underground), and you will usually see A LOT of people crowded in the entry trying to put their name on the waiting list to be seated. You can’t make reservations if you are only¬†going there for¬†dessert, when you call they usually advise to just walk in and put your name down¬†and the wait is usually 1-2 hours. I got lucky, because when I called to see how long the wait was, they said it just died down and for two people there wasn’t any wait. I was so excited you have no idea because my friends and I tried going the day before and the wait was 2 hours!
Anyway, the food at Serendipity is hit and miss. Some things are really good and some things just ok. But their desserts are out of this world. This place is a NYC classic landmark, and you have to go just to say you went. It is the cutest little cafe/restaurant with twinkle lights everywhere and stained glass ceiling chandeliers. You feel like you are in a fairytale or a whimsical treehouse or something, lol.
To check out their extensive and amazing dessert menu online or in person, go to:

225 E. 60th Street
NY, NY 10022
It’s quite the experience! NYC landmark.
Gotta love New York…

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