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     Luke’s Lobster is literally a hole in the wall with great fresh seafood in New York City. Known for their seafood rolls on warm buttery toasted buns, I swear their lobster roll is one of the best I’ve ever had. Their lobster roll was recommended to me by a friend, she swore it was the best she ever had, so naturally I made sure to make a stop while in the city. I of course have to put my readers up on the best food right?! Well, I never let you down, because this lobster roll at Luke’s was great.
Left:Lobster Roll (cut in half) Right: Shrimp Roll (in half)

(The shrimp roll is good, but lobster is way better!)

This place is “bloggie” paradise. Like my new word lol? But it is. Luke’s Lobster has been written up in the New York Times, New York Mag, Wall Street Journal, a bunch of food blogs, and featured on the Today Show & the Food Network. It’s a great foodie spot because it’s a tiny, casual spot with great food, and the place isn’t oversaturated- many people don’t know about it, especially if you don’t live in NYC.
Anyway, back to their signature amazing lobster roll lol. It has chunks of lobster meat, a dab of mayo, seasoned with “secret” spices inside a buttery, toasted golden-brown bun. It’s literally perfection. Not too much mayo to overpower it, and the lobster is seasoned just right. The bread is so amazing. It makes the roll extra delicious. The roll is so simple, but so flavorful. Not too saucy, just fresh, flavorful lobster on a great bread roll. The lobster is shipped straight from Maine. The roll is kind of tiny, and a little expensive, but well worth it. It’s $15 and it’s not that big, but because it’s such good quality lobster, and it’s SO good, I swear it’s worth the money! I mean it’s not that expensive, but for a sandwich from a hole in the wall, some people may think it’s a little pricey. It is a good amount of lobster though, and lobster isn’t cheap nowadays. I’m telling you, you are paying for quality & it’s money well spent! I could easily eat two though, because one definitely doesn’t fill you up!


The guy working at Luke’s was super nice and brought us complimentary samples of snow crab claws, and samples of their Spicy Crab & Sweet Potato Bisque. Both yummy 🙂



I can’t wait to go back to NYC and go to Luke’s Lobster! Their lobster rolls are to die for!
For the menu and locations in NYC, go to:
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