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I had the most beautiful dinner at Villa Blanca recently. This restaurant is so gorgeous. If I were to ever own my own restaurant, it would have a very similar vibe and look as Villa Blanca. So my style! I went on a warm night when the outside patio was packed and everything was lit with candles. Villa Blanca is all white and has a very romantic and elegant vibe. It is a fusion of Italian and Asian cuisine.
Before going, I had heard the food was good, but nothing special, so my expectations for the food wasn’t high. Everyone was saying to just go because it is a beautiful restaurant. I must admit though, I was pleasantly surprised with the food. I had a great dinner. The place was packed on a Saturday night- I sat inside on the edge of the open door patio, and since it was a warm night, I felt the warm breeze throughout dinner and with the candles everywhere, it just had a great vibe.

This is what was ordered:

First they bring you yummy bread with an olive tapenade dip!


~Spa Cooler- Very similar to a Mojito (which is my favorite cocktail). With Vodka, Acai, cucumber & mint. Really yummy!
~Crispy Rock Shrimp- OMG. This was my favorite. I LOVED this. It was tempura shrimp with a warm, creamy chipotle aioli/mayo, served with ponzu sauce on the side. It was melt-in-your-mouth. I seriously would go back just for this! It was my favorite part of the whole meal.
~Ahi Tuna Tartare- Very good. A bed of spicy tuna and avocado, with their house truffle chips on top. Layer the tuna on top of the chips obviously- amazing.

~Fusilli & Sausage Pasta- I was recommended to get this by one of my friends. I really enjoyed it. It was pasta with sausage, sun-dried tomatos with a pink sauce. I never usually order pasta like this, but it was a nice change and it was really good. I substituted it with spagetti noodles. Tasty! Had a nice kick…

~Penne “Arra Blanca” & Tiger Prawns Pasta- Penne pasta with butterflied tiger prawns, spicy seasonal tomatoes, crushed red pepper, garlic and fresh purple basil. We substitued penne pasta with linguini. I don’t like penne too much- doesn’t hold the sauce well. The prawns were good. The pasta didn’t have as much flavor as the description sounded, but still pretty decent. I liked the sausage pasta better with the pink sauce though!

~Molten Chocolate Cake-  Delicious- & I’m not even a big chocolate person. It was a warm chocolate cake/brownie carmelized on top with a side of vanilla bean ice cream and caramel/raspberry sauce drizzled on the plate. I was so full by the time this arrived, but it was so good I couldn’t refuse!

9601 Brighton Way
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 859-7600
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