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      Lucali, located in Brooklyn, New York could be one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time. I think I might have to declare that they have the best pizza I’ve ever had. This place & Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn are my two favorite pizzerias in the world. This is real New York pizza, the ingredients are the freshest, and the flavors are incredible. No need for ranch dressing with this pizza lol, it’s that good. Lucali is what I’d like to call a gem spot. Tiny, cozy, romantic, charming…yet still casual. The restaurant is small but always busy. They make he pizza right there out in the open so you can watch it being made. Also, shhhh don’t tell lol, but I heard Beyonce & Jay-Z eat there every week. They are my idols so I got really excited when I heard that 🙂
I died and went to pizza heaven. The flavor of this pizza was incredible. The smell of garlic and fresh basil immediately hit me when it was brought to the table. I especially loved the taste of the garlic on this pizza. It wasn’t too strong but added just the right amount of flavor. The artichoke melted in your mouth and went perfectly with the fresh garlic and basil. The toppings were simple, but perfect together. This was my favorite of the night. I would definitely order this again next time I go back to Lucali. It really was the perfect pizza to me I don’t think I’ve had any other pizza that beat this. Highly recommend!
MMM another amazing pizza! Simple, but perfection. Perfect amount of cheese, sauce and toppings. I loved how it wasn’t drenched in sauce or cheese, and the flavor is still incredible. You don’t need it to be complicated with a bunch of extra toppings when you are using the freshest and best ingredients. Sometimes the simpler the better. I loved how the pizza is super thin and crispy too. I don’t like too much dough and bready pizzas as much. The crust was crunchy and you can tell the bread is fresh and made from scratch. The fresh basil also added a nice kick of flavor. Loved!!!! I really don’t think you can beat the pizza at Lucali. Pizza made right!
Lucali’s famous calzone. Creamy cheese inside and they brought two bowls of sauces to the table for it- one was a hot pepper sauce (which is pictured on the plate above), and the other is a homemade marinara sauce that was great too. This was the cheesiest calzone! I loved the creaminess of the cheese with the crunch of the fresh bread. Dipped in the spicy hot pepper sauce…so delicious. Although I enjoyed the pizza more, it’s definitely worth to try a calzone at Lucali’s in addition to pizza! Gotta try both you only live once right 😉
Um, is this ridiculous or what! A dessert pizza! This meal kept getting better and better lol. It was huge first of all, and by the time this came out I physically couldn’t put another bite in my mouth I was so full, until I took a bite of this, and it was all over- I forgot I was full lol. It had a layer of creamy, warm nutella, (which is a hazelnut chocolate sauce) and chunks of creamy ricotta cheese mixed with honey to make it sweet, topped with fresh mint and powdered sugar. Warm, creamy, salty, sweet, crispy, crunchy and rich all in one bite 🙂
I think this beat the nutella pizza if that is even possible. For some reason, this was just a perfect dessert in every way. It was filled with a sweet, creamy cheese, topped with powdered sugar and drizzled nutella, and dusted with sea salt. I think the salt mixed with the sweet made this for me. I love sugar and salt combinations. It tasted like dinner and dessert in one for me lol. The bread was buttery, warm and crispy. You know they say bread is better in New York because there is something in their water lol. I think that’s why New York is known for bagels and pizza! This dessert empanada is a must try. I’m usually not a big sweet person, but because of the sugar and salt mix, this did it for me. No more words to explain the amazingness!
If you love pizza, Lucali’s is the best of the best. Similar to Di Fara Pizza, also located in Brooklyn, both places have AMAZING pizza and in my opinion the best, but I had a special dining experience at Lucali- the ambiance is warm and has charm- it’s a real gem and it makes you feel like you are in a cozy little restaurant in Italy. I loved everything about it. The pizza is really out of this world. One of the best meals I’ve had in a long time. I was in pizza paradise! For a foodie, dining with good friends and incredible food is the best thing in life 🙂
575 Henry Street
Brooklyn, New York 11231
(718) 858-4086
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