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     This cozy and causal Gastropub located in Little Tokyo, Downtown LA, is what I’d like to call an undercover hotspot. Most people who do know about it absolutely love it, but many people don’t. Lately, I’ve been more into going to downtown LA because it’s something different, especially because it’s up and coming. There are also some great spots for foodies. The Lazy Ox is located a couple blocks from the famous Edison lounge/bar, so if you want to eat out before going to the Edison, the Lazy Ox is a great choice. I walked over there for a drink right after eating. The food at the Lazy Ox is ecclectic and unique, yet prices are still reasonable. The restaurant that comes closest to it, would be ANIMAL, because of the exotic dishes. Some people may find the food a little bit too out there, but I appreciated the innovative ways it was put together, and the perfect combination of flavors in every dish I ordered. The Lazy Ox is usually packed at night during the peak hours, sometimes up to one hour waits. I went early so I missed the rush.
     The service was great. The food came out pretty quickly, and everything was very good. These are the things I ordered:

The Bellwether Farms Ricotta Fritters- with saba and saffron honey- this was so good. The saffron honey added a sweet/cinnamon taste to the ricotta fritters. The cheese just oozed out. Very interesting combination of flavors.

Dashi Marninated Yellowtail with avacado, hashbrown & tonburi- this was my favorite. The fresh taste of diced yellowtail atop a bed of avocado. Two warm hash browns on the side. A unique combination but similar to spicy tuna on rice cake…loved it!

Carmelized cauliflower with olive oil, roasted pine nuts, garlic & rehydrated pepper flakes- very unique tasting. Had a kick to it, loved the flavor!
7oz Lazy Ox Burger with cantal cheese & green peppercorn mustard– loved this burger! The meat was one of the most flavorful burger meats I’ve ever had and it was cooked perfectly. Rare-medium. Great burger, and you know I LOVE my burgers…
     If you are ever in Downtown LA, this is one spot I defintely recommend. It’s unique and the food tastes like top-quality 5 star restaurant type food, but in a cozy, gastropub setting with fair prices. They are known for their beers too! Very different beers, and they also offer beer samplers which is fun. Beer and wine only though, no hard liqour. I’ll definitely be back at the Lazy Ox to try more of their ecclectic dishes soon.
241 South San Pedro Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 626-5299


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