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“8oz Burger”
     The other night I went to 8oz Burger Bar on Melrose in LA. I was hearing a bunch a hype about this place, people saying it was supposedly the “best burger in LA”, or right up there with Umami Burger and Father’s Office. Being that burgers are my favorite food, I drove all the way out there from my little neighborhood in Calabasas, to find out the truth about all the hype, and to inform my loyal food blog followers if this place is worth it or not. OPRAH said that the short rib grilled cheese steak sandwich was the “best sandwich in America”. So of course, if OPRAH approved this place, I had to try it ASAP, lol.

8oz Burger Bar is a gastropub with a cool and trendy vibe with booths and high top wooden tables. It has a full bar with wine and unique beers on tap as well. We ordered their “chocolate beer” that is made with coffee and chocolate. A little heavy for me, but still unique and tasty.

Their signature burgers are “The 8oz” and “The Melrose”, and quoted from their website on http://www.8ozburgerbar.com/, their burgers are made with the “highest quality humanely raised, hormone-free Black Angus sirloin, blended with short rib, chuck, and tri tip. We grill our burgers over live Texas oak, giving them an unmistakable taste that is all our own. Our natural grass-fed beef, free-range turkey and bison, and homemade veggie/vegan burgers can be customized endlessly with the long list of seasonal, house-made extras, sauces, and sides. You’ll love our homemade pickles, thick-cut bacon, garlic roasted tomatoes, and caramelized onions; just a few of the things we make in our own kitchen.
ALL their burgers are cooked medium to medium rare. I ordered the “8oz Burger” with Bel Paese cheese and a side of spicy mayo, and we got the famous “short rib grilled cheese” that Oprah loved. We also got a side of truffled potato skins…

“Short Rib Grilled Cheese” with Bel Paese cheese and onion marmalade $8

The short rib grilled cheese was simple, yet satisfying. I kept wanting to dip it in spicy mayo and the garlic aioli we ordered though. It needed an additional sauce. It tasted like good brisket in a panini. Although it was yummy, I would still prefer a good burger over it. Truffled potato skins were different, and very good. I always get fries, which I love, but this was a unique and nice change.

“Truffled Potato Skins” $4

Now to my burger. The 8oz Burger comes with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and their special sauce. I added a creamy cheese called Bel Paese to it. I LOVED their special sauce whatever it was. The burger was delicious, BUT I feel like it wasn’t cooked medium/medium rare. It was almost too cooked that it wasn’t juicy enough. The meat was a little dry. I was expecting really juicy, good quality tasting meat, and I felt like it lacked a little. It tasted like it was cooked medium well to medium well plus. I like my meat medium rare and it just didn’t taste like it was cooked that way which was surprising because they emphasized they only cook the meat to medium/medium rare. The bun was a tad bit dry for me too. But other than that, I really enjoyed it and thought it was overall very good and flavorful. I like Flemings, Father’s Office & Umami burgers more, but if the meat was cooked perfectly, than it would be in the running for top best burgers in LA. I feel like I need to go back again and give it a second try to see if the meat will be cooked differently, because I still really enjoyed it.

“8oz Burger” with Bel Paese cheese


     For dessert, we order an Apple Pie Milkshake, made with vanilla ice cream, cinnamon, and real chunks of apple pie, with sprinkled pie crust on top. It literally tasted like an apple pie with vanilla ice cream in a cup lol. So good!
Apple Pie Milkshake

Overall, this place is very good. They have a unique menu with items I didn’t mention such as their “Kobe Corn Dogs”, made with Kobe beef, their “Chicken Pot Pie Croquettes”, a variety of fun milkshakes, etc. I recommend this place. Even though it’s not my FAVORITE burger, it’s still pretty damn good. Let me know what you think! If you aren’t from the Los Angeles area, they have locations around the country as well.

    For the menu and a location near you go to:
8oz Burger Bar
7661 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046


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