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The Buffalo Bleu Philly

This hole in the wall sandwich joint is located right next to San Diego State University, in San Diego. Burgers and sandwiches are my FAVORITE food, so when I tell you a place has a good sandwich, I’m serious so listen up!      4.0 Deli is a sandwich spot, very well-known among all the college kids in San Diego. It is always busy- it’s a small place in a shopping center right next to the university. They have flat screen TV’s which always has a sports game on, and they serve beer too! Students go there during their lunch breaks, or on weekends to watch a sports game. I’ve been to 4.0 several times and it has truly one of my favorite sandwiches of all time. Since it is in a college city, prices are super cheap too.

If you are in San Diego and want a good sandwich, this place is MY top choice. BUT, just like at any place, you gotta know WHAT to order and HOW to order…read how I order my top 2 favorite sandwiches at 4.0 below…

Here are my two favorite sandwiches from 4.0 deli:

  • The Buffalo Bleu Philly Sandwich- (my favorite sandwich at 4.0. SUBSITUTE the roast beef or chicken for HALF turkey HALF pastrami. I think it tastes much better. The blue cheese dressing isn’t too strong, it’s perfect.)
Grilled roast beef or grilled chicken, bacon, our “best you’ve ever had” bleu cheese dressing, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions a dash of Tabascao all on a toasted sub.
  • The Godfather- (this is probably their most well-known/ famous sandwich. They call it the “San Diego’s favorite”. I like the Buffalo Bleu better, but this one is bomb too. Instead of only turkey, get HALF turkey, HALF pastrami, and I always order an extra side of pesto!)
Homemade roasted turkey breast heated with a hint of roasted red peppers, melted provolone cheese, our zesty pesto dressing, mayo, lettuce and tomato on a toasted sub.
Left: The Godfather  Right: The Buffalo Bleu Philly
There you have it. If you are in San Diego, try this place out. One of my favorites!
4.0 DELI
5844 Montezuma Road
San Diego, CA 92115
(619) 281-4040

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