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I realized that I don’t ever really share a lot of personal things about me on my blog. I never really post about what’s going on in my life, or anything really about ME, except my love for travel & food. I guess because this was my travel and food blog, I never felt the need to be personal. But I feel the need to share some things now.

Everyday I get asked the question how I do it.  Everyone wants to know how I travel for a living and make it my job. They see me all over the world in pictures by myself and don’t understand. I’m going to break it down for you.

I have been employed by E! Entertainment since 2010, immediately after I graduated and got my degree at UCLA. I worked in production on a few shows, and landed a steady job on E! Fashion Police in 2011. I worked a 9-5 on Fashion Police for over 4 years producing for the show.  I saved my money and any time I had off work, I would book a trip. I started blogging in 2009, and it was something I did on the side as a hobby and passion of mine while working at E!. It was something I wanted to do full time, but I loved my job on Fashion Police and was too scared to walk away from it. When Joan Rivers passed away last September, my whole life changed. The show was on hiatus for a few months, so I packed up my bags and started traveling with the money I saved from work. I came back to Fashion Police in January for award season with a new host of the show, Kathy Griffin. I worked through award season, which was January-March of this year, and when Kathy and Kelly “quit”, the network decided to put the show on a long hiatus until this month. Fashion Police is coming back the end of this month, and I made one of the biggest decisions of my life, and I decided I wasn’t going to go back to the show. During the hiatus from E!, I went full force with my blog and started traveling almost full time. With the money I saved from working at E!, and my other side jobs (I have partnerships with brands like Ciroc, Naked Wardrobe and more), I was able to travel and keep up with my blog content. Even when I was at UCLA, I was constantly working. I had dance and commercial agents and was making money booking jobs and dance gigs, and instead of spending my money on purses and shoes, I would buy a flight instead. I’ve always been like that. To this day, I barely ever go shopping and spend money on material things, that’s just not important to me. I spend my money on flights and experiences.

I decided I’m going to pack my things and leave LA for awhile. It’s hard for me to stay in one place at the moment, I constantly need to keep moving to be inspired. I don’t have a plan, or a set place I’m moving to- I’m going to wing it and will be constantly on the move. It took me a long time and it was really hard for me to make this decision. I am leaving everything behind- my family, friends, my relationship. Although I struggled with this for awhile, there is no other time I will be able to do this in my life, so I’m taking the chance now.

I’ve never bought a one way ticket before with no return date. I am so nervous but excited for this new chapter in my life and can’t wait to bring you along my journey with me. Wish me luck and keep in touch!



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