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Dinner date at Madeos! I just ate at Madeo the other night and it was such a great dinner. This old school Italian restaurant has been a “Hollywood” hot spot for years and the food is delicious. If you can get past the paparazzi outside the restaurant and the prices being on the expensive side, Madeo offers excellent Italian food with an old-school, classic vibe.
Filet mignon, carpaccio, served with artichokes, parmigiano cheese and rucola
I am a big fan of carpaccio. This melted in your mouth and had such great flavor with the Parmesan & mushrooms. I think this is the perfect appetizer!
W/ fresh maine lobster in a tomato sauce
It was a nice twist to your traditional “spaghetti bolognese”. It was good and satisfying, but didn’t blow me away.
W/ shaved black truffles
I loved this. I love creamy pastas and this was a really delicious one. It was the perfect amount of “creamy”. I’m also obsessed with anything truffle so it was a win win situation for me lol. Highly recommend it.
W/ white wine sauce
Chilean sea bass is my favorite fish because it is buttery, flaky and melts in your mouth if it’s done right. This one was done right. The texture was silky and just fell apart when you put your fork in it. The flavor was incredible. This dish was light, flavorful and amazing. Sea bass done right- I highly recommend it!
8897 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(310) 859-0242
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