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     I’m sure most of my readers and followers from LA know about the famous Kogi BBQ truck. The Alibi Room in Culver City is the Kogi Truck taste kitchen, where Chef Roy Choi’s famous Kogi specialities are featured on the menu. The Alibi Room is a micro-brew and wine bar with a menu offering fushion food from Kogi’s Kitchen (a mix of Korean BBQ & Mexican). They also has specialty & unique cocktails. The place is a casual lounge- it’s tiny but has a cool & laid back vibe. The food is great, the cocktails are unique, and it’s a great place to chill with friends. The drinks are great, and there are two items on the menu that I highly recommend. Read below to find out what I think is the best “item” I’ve ever had!
Left: Shiso Margarita- shiso leaf infused tequila, fresh lime juice, cointreau, agave nectar, sesame salt rim
Right: Mojito
Kogi Three Taco Combo- Corn tortilla, slaw, cilantro, onions, salsa roja, w/ choice of short rib, bbq chicken, spicy pork or tofu

I got two short rib tacos and a spicy pork taco. The short rib tacos are the most popular and highly recommended dish on the menu. These tacos are what made Kogi BBQ famous. They were delicious.Very flavorful and the perfect combination and texture with the slaw and salsa. They have just the right amount of spice and the meat is so tender and flavorful. It definitely has an asian flare to them, they don’t taste like your traditional Mexican tacos, especially the short rib tacos. They are different and delicious. I really enjoyed them- highly recommended. They are messy but so good.
Korean Spiced Fries w/ sriracha, ketchup & sesame mayo dipping sauce

These, I swear, were one of the best fries I’ve ever had. They might be my number 1 favorite french fries. Fries are one of my favorite foods, so that’s a big admission. They were crispy and flakey, and the spices on top really made these fries unique and stand out to me more than any other fries I’ve ever had. The dipping sauces just made them even more extraordinary. I LOVE sauce, so having a mix of a couple different sauces added a great kick. I love anything spicy, maybe that’s why I love these fries so much. They aren’t too spicy though, but the spice definitely adds a nice kick. I might have to award these fries to the best regular fries I’ve had, and Father’s Office for the best sweet potato fries- and you can trust me, I have very good taste 😉
The Alibi Room is a great place for good food and drinks for a reasonable price. The food is cheap and delicious and overall the place just has a great vibe. They serve Kogi BBQ from 6pm-12am Monday-Saturday. I recommend their famous tacos and get the spiced fries. If you want to track down the Kogi Truck, follow them on Twitter to find out their locations. Check it out!
12236 Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(310) 390-9300
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