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Scrolling through Instagram and across travel sites I constantly feel inspired to travel somewhere completely new to me. I attribute a large part of who I am to the experiences I’ve had while traveling out of my element and I encourage travelers to push themselves in to uncharted territories.

While for me, boarding a plane to Israel is more of a homecoming than an adventure; there is still an unknown element to the Middle East, which often deters travelers. But hidden beneath negative media and struggling tourism, the Middle East is home to some of the oldest and most significant ancient world wonders, natural wonders, historical landmarks, renowned beaches and popular cities worldwide.

What’s all the fuss about? Scroll down to see the Middle East through the eyes of Instagram:

• Petra, Ma’An, Jordan – Photo by @thefella
• Pammukale, Turkey – Photo by @xoxo.msjasmie
• Shiek Zayed Grand Mosqu2, Abu Dhabi – Photo by @worldwanderlust
• Dead Sea, Israel Photo by @benny_refaeli
• Dubai Photo by @weshacreature
• Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey – Photo by @stephsoong
• Giza, Egypt photo by @dametraveler
• The Pramids of Giza, Egypt – Photo by @discover.egypt
• Jerusalem, Israel – Photo by @Noamc_official
• Jerusalem, Israel – photo by @teamjuif
• Tel Aviv, Israel – photo by @teamjuif
• Egypt – photo by @lovesharm_excursion
• Downtown, Beirut, Lebanon
• Shallalat Al Zarka, Lebanon – Photo by @thesquaretable
• Tannourine Balou’ Balaa, Lebanon – Photo by @paradisaical
• Banias Falls, Golan Heights, Israel – Photo by @amstecco

(1) Petra(2) Turkey(3) Abu Dhabi(4) Dead Sea(5) Dubai(6) Blue Mosque Turkey(7) Giza Egypt(8) Giza Egypt(9) Old City(10) Jerusalem(11) TLV(12)Giza Egypt(13) Beirut, Lebanon(14) Shallalat Al Zarka, Lebanon(15) Tannourine - Balou Balaa, Lebanon(16) Golan Heights


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