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My first post, and I had to start with the OBVIOUS. If you haven’t been to the west coast and tried In N’ Out, you are truly missing out on one of the best things ever made on this earth. I’ve had almost all the best burgers in the WORLD, but this small fast food chain always seems to stay on the top of my list when it comes to burgers. I always order the double double with cheese (sometimes I get animal style- grilled oinions/sauce). You gotta ask for animal style because they don’t advertise it on the menu. I ALWAYS get animal style fries though. The best! The menu is simple, and I’ve learned that sometimes simplicity is the key to success. It’s simple, fast, cheap and delicious. A MUST have if you’ve never been. You’re honestly missing out on life! Oh, and their milkshakes are amazing. They only offer vanilla, chocolate and strawberry but you can mix any of them together. I get vanilla-strawberry 🙂
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