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My new favorite chocolates. Choclatique sent me a beautiful box of chocolates for me to try and blog about, and I have to say…kind of obsessed now. My face literally LIT up when this box of delightful treats were delivered to my work desk at E!.

     Choclatique is a privately owned , super-premium, award winning chocolate company. All the assortments are beautifully packaged and the chocolates are colorful, uniquely flavored and absolutely delicious. I was sent the “Designer Donuts” assortment, which is a collection of 15 pieces of chocolate beautifully wrapped in a brown and gold box. The flavors were unique and exciting- flavors such as White Chocolate Cinnamon Spice, Jelly Donut, Johnny Appleseed’s Apple, Marshmellow Mint Chip, Fluff-A-Nutter, Carrot Cream Cheese, Vanilla Creme, Chocolate Peanut Butter & Jelly, etc. You can customize your own box and have over 200 unique flavors to choose from in all shapes and colors. It’s so fun to do on the website! You pick the box you want, and click and drag the pictures of the different flavors into your box. It’s super easy, quick, and they have cute sound effects which make it fun 🙂 They have a lot of chocolates with different kinds of liqour, wine and sparkling champagne too. I’m telling you, check out the website for all the flavors! They all look amazing.

Check out their website posted below to see their beautiful chocolate assortments and packaging to send to someone you love. Choclatique is the perfect chocolate company for gifts for any special occasion. Their chocolates are different, fun, luscious and delicious. I loved trying all the unique and fun flavors. Just thought I’d share with you, highly recommend this luxurious chocolate company. Enjoy!
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