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photo 2I have heard so much hype about Bojangles. On my way to the Bahamas, I had a layover in Charlotte, North Carolina and there was a Bojangles at the airport!  Bojangles is basically a Southern fast-food chain, specializing in fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits. I had to finally try their famous Boberry biscuits that everyone talks about.
It lived up to the hype!  They were served warm and fresh out the oven and were the perfect amount of sweet. On another level. The fried chicken was good too 🙂  If you are ever in the South, make sure to hit up this chain!

photo 1Perfect food to eat before hitting the beach in a bikini. Of course I eat this on the way to the Bahamas….LOL

photo 4I made it to the Bahamas! Amazing trip at The Cove at the Atlantis….

photo 5

photo 3Dance party on the beach!

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