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I had such a fun night at Gauchos Village in Glendale! They had live samba dancing, and lots of food being brought out at a rapid pace. It was one of those Brazilian steakhouses that you turn a wooden block “green” if you wanted the servers to keep bringing food to your table, or “red” if you wanted them to stop. I was overwhelmed by how many different kinds of meat that were offered- it all looked so good and I wanted to try everything, but unfortunately I was way too excited and outdid myself too early in the night and got full pretty quickly. (Next time I will have a system and go in there with a strong game plan). Have a fun night out, enjoy a sangria and don’t be shy to get up and dance with the Samba dancers! Oh, and be sure to get the flan for dessert.


Located in an industrial warehouse in LA’s downtown Art District, I was intrigued pulling up to Bestia for the first time. It was not quite what I expected. But once I entered the restaurant, everything came to life and it all made sense. Packed and buzzing with fast-paced servers and cooks in an open faced kitchen, the restaurant felt alive in a way that most Los Angeles restaurants do not anymore. With brick walls, unfinished ceilings, and rustic decor, Bestia has a raw, urban aesthetic that is unlike any other restaurants in the city. Whether you choose to sit at the bar, in the middle of the restaurant (where you can watch dishes fly out of the kitchen), or in front of the wood-burning ovens at the pizza counter, you’re in for an exciting dining experience. I’ve been to Bestia a few times now and it never disappoints. Ori Menashe and his wife, Genevieve Gergis, are the duo behind the restaurant. Menashe is the owner and executive chef, offering rustic Italian dining with an eccentric …