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I’m so excited to finally release this VLOG! I’ve been to Cancun & Tulum so many times, it’s one of my favorite places to visit. I’ve combined a few trips in one VLOG and it’s super fun! Lot’s of diving, beach hopping, and street tacos 🙂 Special thanks to the Mexican Caribbean for hosting me! @Mexican.Caribbean Connect With Me:


Just got back from Tulum, and already getting so many questions on recommendations on what to do there, where to go and obviously where to eat 🙂 Thought I’d share my favorite spots with you guys. I highly suggest renting a car when arriving in Cancun. You can rent a car for super cheap, and it gives you the flexibility and freedom to do whatever you want on your own time and not have to rely on finding taxi’s everywhere you go. Tulum is a 1.5 hour drive from the Cancun airport and it’s a straight shot on the highway basically. It’s an easy drive. Tip: Check to see if your credit card provides rental car insurance benefits. You can decline their insurance and use your CC’s- I would print a copy of the insurance terms your CC offers and give to them in a hard copy form. Good way to save money, and most of the time you can get crazy cheap deals at any rental car company at the Cancun airport. THE REAL …


I went to Playa Del Carmen / Tulum for a day and a half! That’s how I roll. I was in and out, and it’s not the easiest to get there, but in the short amount of time I had, I did a lot. I did an excursion package called “Xplore”, which included zip lining, ATV’ing, and swimming in underground caves and Cenotes. We did it at night and it was so much fun! I wore a bathing suit because you are wet the entire time. Even zip lining you go through water. There were a bunch of different zip lines and it took 45 minutes to do all of them.  It was a cool and a different experience to zip line, ATV and swim in underground caves at night. Being in the caves felt tranquil and beautifully creepy at the same time. Playa Del Carmen is a really fun beach town with tons of bars, night clubs and shopping. The streets were crazy at night and the clubs and bars were packed. Tulum is …