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Fresh out the ocean after swimming with whale sharks, I changed in the car and went straight to Rico’s, a famous place where they are known for having the best “Lechon” on the island of Cebu. Lechon is roasted pig and is a popular food in the Philippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and in Latin America & Spain. Lechon is a national dish of the Philippines and in fact, Anthony Bourdain claimed Cebu as having the best pig in the world. My friend and I went to Rico’s to try their spicy Lechon. It was phenomenal. I love anything spicy, so this lechon tasted extra delicious. If you are ever in Cebu or anywhere in the Philippines,  you have to try Lechon and Rico’s is a very well known place for it. It was a hole in the wall but packed with a line out the door. They were chopping up the pork so quickly, things were messy in there as you can see from my pictures. That’s my favorite kind of food…messy and delicious. …


My trip to the Philippines was absolutely amazing. It was so beautiful there and the people were extremely nice and friendly. I started in Manila and island hopped from Cebu to Boracay to El Nido. I did everything from swimming with whale sharks to dancing with fire in the rain, being a mermaid and zip lining over the ocean. I already shared with you a couple clips being a mermaid and swimming with whale sharks, but here are a couple of my favorite pictures from Cebu (including Kawasan Falls). Next blog post will be on an amazing hole in the wall where they serve the best “Lechon” in Cebu. Stay tuned! To see more photos of my trip and me dancing with fire check out my Instagram @NicoleIsaacs.