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Believe it or not being an LA native, I have never been to Catalina until recently. I got invited by the Catalina Island Company to visit and I was so excited because I have always wanted to go. I took the Catalina Express out of Long Beach on a 65 minute boat ride to the island. You can choose date and departure times and book online here. General seating is $36.76 each way and approx $52 each way for the Commodore Lounge, the Catalina Express “first class”. Parking at the downtown Long Beach port is $19 a day in the lot if you leave your car there. I had round trip tickets in the Commodore Lounge which is located on the upper deck of the boat. They gave out complimentary Famous Amos Cookies and a beverage of your choice (if you haven’t already noticed I like to mention the little details, especially when it has to do with food 🙂 ) The ride wasn’t bumpy or rocky, it was actually pretty relaxing. After 65 minutes …


I recently came back from a road trip to the Grand Canyon. It took almost 10 hours to get there, and my friends and I didn’t have any hotels booked. When we arrived at 4am, we were delighted (not) to find out all hotels were sold out and had no where to sleep. We had to drive back to the last town we passed over an hour away to find a hotel there.  I had just come back from a road trip to Vegas for my best friend’s bachelorette party the day before leaving to the Grand Canyon, so to say I was exhausted is an understatement. I usually am really good at planning trips ahead of time, but a lot of the times I wing it, which I think is also part of the adventure. We didn’t know where we were staying each day, and just drove to places we wanted to see and found a hotel at the last minute when we wanted to go to sleep at night. As tired as I …


I just came back from San Francisco and fell in love! I haven’t been there since I was  a little girl with my family, so it was almost like experiencing the city for the first time. I chose the perfect weekend in March- the weather was amazing. I loved the charm of the Victorian architecture, the hilly streets, the marina bay and the buzz and excitement of the city. San Francisco is a foodie’s heaven. It’s such a culinary city with so many incredible restaurants and places to eat. I was overwhelmed! I actually did more exploring this time because I was on other people’s schedules so it wasn’t so much of a foodie trip, but I will be back to do a San Francisco food tour soon! I did stop at the famous Ike’s Place for a sandwich, and it was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. I will be blogging about Ike’s Place in my next post. I couldn’t go to San Francisco without making a visit to the iconic “Painted Ladies” …


I took a day trip to Yosemite this weekend, and it is absolutely beautiful up there. I’m born and raised in LA and never been before- I can’t believe it took me this long to go. It was the perfect day to explore…the weather was cool, crisp and sunny. We went to Cooks Meadow, Valley View, Turtle Back Dome, saw a bunch of streams and waterfalls, saw the massive El Capitan, Half Dome and even went ice skating in Curry Village. We stayed at the Historical Ahwahnee Hotel in the heart of Yosemite Valley, and I loved it! It had a real cozy, rustic cabin feel, and the food there was really good too. For the short amount of time I was there, I squeezed in a lot, but definitely want to go back and hike the Half Dome! (12 hours round trip!). I’ll be back soon, maybe to camp next time (ha). Check out a couple of my favorite pics from the trip!    


    I am always traveling, but there is no place like home. I do appreciate my days in LA, and there is so much to do and see in my own city. I learned you don’t have to fly across the world to experience beautiful things, sometimes the most beautiful places are right in front of you. I am all about discovering the secret gem spots that are just a drive away around Los Angeles to save me from a long flight. The other day I hiked in Palos Verdes and explored the beautiful cliffs and beaches. Take a look!