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IMG_1433Everyday I get asked the same question: How I stay in shape while I travel, and also how I stay fit eating the way that I do. I really hope after people read this they don’t completely hate me, but I’m going to tell the truth on my daily eating habits, as well as how I eat when I travel.

If you know me or watch my snap chats, you know that I do NOT eat healthy and can eat an obscene amount of food in one sitting. I was the girl in high school having Taco Bell eating contests with guys, and winning. Those that also know me know that I HATE working out, and I actually don’t. My good friends joke they want to submit me to the government for scientific testing on how it’s possible that I’m not over weight and 300 pounds lol. I’ve always joked that I have a tape worm in my stomach named Norman, although it wouldn’t be funny if that were really the case. How I’m not overweight is beyond me, because I deserve to be. Growing up my house was like Costco. My friends would come over because they knew I always had the best food. Our kitchen would be stocked with fresh bagels, bread, cakes and donuts, and our pantry was filled with Oreos, chips, candy and every cereal brand at the grocery store. I was used to it but my friends were always in their glory raiding my pantry.

I’m not getting any younger and thank god I still have a fast metabolism, but I can’t keep up with my habits of eating like shit and not working out forever, so I tell myself everyday I’m going to change my lifestyle. Luckily, I naturally have a lot of energy and can’t sit still. So although I’m not working out I try and keep myself busy and moving around. It helps I don’t sit in an office all day anymore. I used to over eat every meal- I didn’t know how to stop when I was full. Especially when the food is good, sometimes you feel like you have to finish everything and your body doesn’t know it’s full until 20-30 minutes later and by that time it’s too late. Then I really feel uncomfortable and miserable which is the story of my life after I eat. As far as that goes, I try my hardest to eat slower, and not to over eat anymore. I try to put down the burger while I’m eating it, instead of inhaling it in 2 minutes. I remind myself to chew longer even though I want to swallow my food quickly. I know this might sound absurd to anyone reading this and I apologize, but this is reality for me. Although I eat what I want, it’s all about balance. If I have a bad food day, I try my hardest to be more conscious of what I’m eating the next day. I don’t necessarily diet, but I also try not to have burgers every day of my life. I make little changes like subbing white bread for wheat bread, or getting something grilled instead of fried. My friends find it hilarious that my idea of eating healthy is getting sweet potato fries instead of regular fries, but to me that is progress- baby steps lol.

While I travel, I actually lose weight surprisingly, but it obviously depends where I am. New York I gain weight every time because all I do is eat and drink with friends. But when I’m really traveling, I am constantly moving so it’s how I get my exercise. I walk a lot when I travel, and if I am somewhere warm or tropical I am swimming every day. I love exploring and I usually like to go to places with adventurous activities like hiking and swimming. I also haven’t really mastered the concept of traveling light, so my luggage is usually overweight. Lugging around over 50 pounds of luggage to different hotels and cities burns quite a few calories. I’m usually dripping sweat  by the time I get anywhere lol.

Also, unless I’m staying at an all inclusive resort, or a resort where my food and drinks are included in the trip, I am conscious on how I spend my money. I am very good at traveling on a budget, and I try not to spend ridiculously amounts of money on expensive meals. Besides, my favorite type of food is buying tacos off the side of the street anyway. I like eating local food, and usually that’s cheap. Traveling on a budget really helps me from getting fat, and that’s the honest truth. Another thing worth mentioning is that I don’t drink a lot of alcohol. I do drink once in awhile, but not often. Many of my friends have a drink with dinner, or socially go out a lot and drink, and I just don’t do that. I don’t drink and eat at the same time either- I keep it separate. For me it’s  not worth just having one drink or two- if I decide to drink, I commit and go all out lol. But like I said, that doesn’t happen very often. Alcohol is really fattening so not drinking a lot helps me maintain a healthy weight.

Anyway, if you have any tips or suggestions for me on what helps you stay in shape and makes you feel good, feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear your routines and what works for you!

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