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I’ve gone to New York Fashion Week for the past 4 years. In the previous years I’ve gone as a field producer for E! Fashion Police, which was an incredible experience. We filmed the Fashion Police Episodes with Joan Rivers in the heart of NYFW as well as attended and covered all the runway shows and parties. I had the opportunity to produce talent at several designer shows and events, as well as interview designers and celebrities backstage before and after the runway shows. It was always hectic and a lot of work but very exciting. This was the first fashion week I attended by myself without E! and I was really nervous to go. I actually planned on not going but got peer pressured from a bunch of friends so decided to go last minute. I attended a few shows and events but left early to go back to LA to shoot my nude swim collection to get it up online. For all of those reading this that are wanting to go to New …


Miami Swim Week is always crazy. This was my second year going and there is so much going on but it’s always fun. Each day my schedule was packed with parties, events and runway shows but I couldn’t make it to everything, it was exhausting. The main reason I went to Swim Week this year because it was right after I launched my swim line and I thought it would be great to have a presence there. I did a giveaway and gave all my model and blogger girlfriends my suits while I was out there. I even met Tash and Devin wearing my bathing suit and they kept saying how much they loved it so thought that was pretty cool. (I love them!) Below are a few of my favorite pics from this year. Make sure to follow along my snap chat for big events like this to see all the madness behind the scenes! It ain’t as glamorous as it looks 😉 (snapchat: Nicole_Isaacs) Shows/Events I got invited and/or went to: -Galore X …


Last weekend I went to San Diego with Revolve Clothing and a few other bloggers for a relaxing getaway at Rancho Valencia. The resort was beautiful and we all had a really great time. The food at Rancho Valencia was delicious and we had amazing breakfast, lunches and dinner- including a tequila tasting which was super fun. We also had a relaxing spa and pool day which was a nice treat. We also went to dinner and a night out on the town in San Diego’s gaslamp district to go dancing for a bit. Check out a few pictures from my trip with Revolve below! The brands we wore throughout the trip were NBD, Tularosa, Lovers and Friends, and Privacy Pls. Check my Instagram (@NicoleIsaacs) for brand tags! *Also, be sure to follow my Snap Chat to see my trips in live time. I always give a  resort/room tour on where I’m staying so you can get more of the full experience. (snap chat: nicole_isaacs)


I have wanted to visit Seattle ever since the first time I watched the movie “Sleepless In Seattle”. I’d heard so many great things about the city and it just seemed like a beautiful and romantic city. If you follow me, you can see I can’t stay in one place for long. I keep it moving, and sometimes I just need to leave LA whenever I start feeling uninspired, and traveling keeps me inspired. I find that when I am in a new surrounding or exploring someplace I’ve never been, I feel creative and think of new ideas and things to keep me motivated. I decided to leave LA last minute on Memorial Day weekend and book a quick trip to Seattle by myself. I have a few friends there so was just going to wing it and explore…what I do best! I wasn’t planning on filming a video while I was there, it was more of a vacation weekend for me, but decided to get some clips here and there in case I changed …


Check out my most recent girls trip to Miami! It was a last minute trip because we found a great flight deal. Highlights include: Road tripping to Key West for a day, jet skiing, staying at the Versace Mansion, and a girls night out on the town! See below…


It’s no secret that Christmas through New Years is the busiest time to travel. Unless you make plans months in advance, your travel options are pretty limited if you hold off booking until the last minute–especially if you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg. Since my schedule changes daily and I wasn’t able to book a big trip in advance, this year I kept it low key and went on a road trip with my sister and best friend. I had always wanted to visit the White Sand Desert, so we decided to hit the road and drive to New Mexico from Los Angeles. Our first stop: Albuquerque, New Mexico. Albuquerque: We drove thirteen hours straight to Albuquerque (yes, it felt as long as it sounds) and spent the night there. We left LA around 7am and arrived in Albuquerque around 8pm. I always do my research on what to do and where to eat when I visit a new place, so we had a game plan for dinner. We were exhausted …


I go to New York pretty often for work and to visit my sister. My sis has lived there for the past 5 years so I always find a reason to visit. Last trip I went to surprise her for her birthday and we ate the entire city which is pretty much the only thing I do when I go to NY. I visited the end of October/beginning of November so it was the middle of Fall. New York is beautiful in the fall, especially Central Park which I had to visit. Below are a few pictures from my trip! Food highlights below (in order): Dominique Ansel Bakery (frozen smore’s & chocolate chip cookie shots), Rubirosa (pizza), and Peter Lugars Steakhouse in Brooklyn.


Last week I ventured out to the Broad Museum in Downtown Los Angeles. I love and appreciate art but I have major ADD and museums usually don’t hold my attention for very long, but the Broad Museum was an exception. The art was super dope and quirky, and I enjoyed reading about the inspirations and powerful meanings behind some of the pieces. If you decide to go, make sure to go into the Infinity Mirrored Room by Yayoi Kusama. That was my highlight. After the museum I went to the Grand Central Market just a few minutes away for lunch. I highly recommend it- it has a wide variety of different vendors with amazing food. It was a day well spent in LA.


I was in New York for a few meetings and to spend my sister’s birthday with her. Since I was already on the East Coast I decided to take a quick flight to Miami to meet up my friends for Halloween weekend. I had never done Halloween in Miami before, so was excited to let loose and go out. I never go out to parties or clubs anymore, and I never really drink. I am such a homebody and have already gotten all the clubbing and partying out of my system, so this Miami trip was definitely a shock to my body (ha!). I ended up at Liv three nights in a row, and by the third night I literally couldn’t hang and went home early. I’m officially a grandma. I didn’t take so many pictures this weekend because it was all fun, but I wanted to share a few pics anyway…Check my Instagram for outfit and bikini details: @NicoleIsaacs