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When I am not traveling, I make the best out of my time spent in LA. I eat and venture out to new restaurants on my food #bucketklist, I explore different areas of the city and find new , fun activities to do, but I also try and take care of myself and get back to a proper and healthy lifestyle. Traveling can be tiring. I also tend to gain a few pounds when I travel because I don’t want to deprive myself of an experience in trying something new- I want to get the most out of everywhere I go. Flying on airplanes all the time is really hard on my body, and I’ve been flying a lot lately. Once in a while I like to get massages and visit a chiropractor to get adjusted when I get back to LA just to reset my body. The other day I visited Atlas Health Care Center to get my body  adjusted because I felt a little stiff. I was a little nervous at first getting my neck adjusted, but the doctor calmed my nerves and it actually felt good. It released all my tension in my neck-I really felt a difference afterwards.


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