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Me in front of Di Fara’s pizza in Brooklyn, NY


This post is dedicated to the BEST pizza I ever ate. A destination for foodie heaven. Di Fara pizza, also known as “a Brooklyn legend”…

Di Fara Pizza is a hole in the wall spot on the corner of Avenue J & East 15th street in Midwood, Brooklyn, NY. This place has thousands and thousands of reviews and it is rated one of the top places for pizza in the United States. If you read any review on this place, people give high praise to the pizza, saying it’s not only the best pizza in America or Italy, but the best pizza on EARTH. It’s $5 a slice, and a whole pie is $28. With it being $5 a slice, I was expecting some pretty damn good pizza and it definitely fulfilled my expectations. In every blog or review I read on Di Fara’s, they said the average wait time for pizza is 45 minutes but waiting 2 hours isn’t unsual either. I was super lucky because when I went, I only waited 20 minutes. I went with some Brooklyn natives, who swore it was the best pizza in New York, and they said there is no place like Di Fara’s. It is always jammed pack with a line out the door. I guess it was our lucky day, because we got our pizza pies in only 20 minutes, and as we were eating, we looked and it suddenly got slammed with a long line out the door. Talk about perfect timing…

Being in New York and being a big foodie, I wanted to make sure I had the BEST New York syle pizza. One of the founders of Di Fara pizza named Domenico DeMarco, an older gentleman who opened the place in 1964, makes the pizza with his own hands and he made our pizza pie right in front of us. He is there Wednesday- Sunday (that is when the place is open), and when he is unable to come in, he shuts down the pizzeria. Everything he uses to make the pizza is fresh. No canned mushrooms or olives at this place.

From Provincia di Caserta in Italy, Domenico DeMarco claims:

 “I use only the freshest ingredients, the bufala mozzarella from the town I grew up in, the oregano and basil from Israel, tomatoes from Salerno, flour from Italy,” he says with a smile. “That’s the secret recipe.”- Epicurious
Along with all the imported ingredients, Mr. DeMarco tops it off with drizzling extra-virgin olive oil before popping the pie into the oven for mastering the unique flavors of Di Fara’s pizza.
Pizza pie with green olives, garlic & basil


Founder Domenico DeMarco in action making his imfamous pizza pies…
     My biggest regret in my visit to Di Fara was not ordering a whole pie to myself lol. I only ordered one slice and shared a couple slices from a whole pie with the other people I was with. It was the most flavorful pizza I ever had, and it was the first time I actually realized I did not need ranch dressing to dip my pizza in lol. I have been to Pizza Mozza in Los Angeles, which is known for LA’s best pizza, but it just did not have anything on Di Fara’s in terms of flavor or ingredients.
     I ordered a regular slice with pepperoni, black olives, and garlic. The pepperoni was sizzling on top, perfectly cooked, cheese was perfectly melted and crust was fresh and crispy tasting. I can’t even describe how flavorful it was in words. You just have to go and taste it for yourself. It was perfect.
     If you love food as much as I do and you are ever in Brooklyn please trust me on this and go to Di Fara’s. Having the real deal freshest ingredients, you can taste the difference from other pizzerias, and for me, that is worth every penny.
Di Fara Pizza
1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn NY 11230
~ cash only ~

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