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Everybody knows Instagram isn’t really REAL. People edit the shit out of their pictures, they show the best second of their day…it’s not an accurate depiction of someone’s real life. People show what they want you to see. I am guilty of it myself…I kind of got sucked in to the whole “pretty Instagram thing”. Everyone wants their page to look cool, you want to brand yourself, and I totally get it. It’s what pays the bills for some of us so we conform to what works, what brands like, and what will give you the most likes. I have been struggling to find a way to find a different lane, to try and show the most authentic ME as possible. My followers do know I love to eat, which is something they see through my IG stories and snap chats, giving a more “behind the scenes” look into me and my life. Food is a huge part of who I am. I like Instagram stories and LIVE, because people can actually see and get to know your personality if you are having a hard time getting it across in pictures.

There’s a running joke between my family and friends, that I need to create another profile called “The Real Nicole/ hashtag #THEREALNICOLE. That it would be so much more interesting & entertaining.

The real Nicole…eats like a 400 pound linebacker, gets food all over her face. Likes to eat weird shit. Doesn’t like doing her hair and hates wearing makeup. Hates wearing shoes. Feels most at home on a beach or in the middle of a jungle. Could care less about name brand clothes or bags. I’m just simple. The less shit the better. I like to live light, feel free. Don’t want to be tied down to anything…at least not now.

If you are familiar with my work and my travels, you’ve seen a few of my travel videos on YouTube. They definitely make you want to visit a certain place…the videos are fun, light hearted and always good energy.  I wanted to cut together something different this time. I went back and picked clips throughout my travels that give a glimpse to what my life is really like, a more behind the scenes of the obstacles and struggles I face traveling full time, and let’s just say, it ain’t glamourous. I’m getting puked on airplanes, missing flights, losing my bags, getting robbed,  hurting myself, constantly jet lagged and not sleeping, and the list goes on.

Check out my BTS video below. This will give you a better idea of what it’s really like traveling with me and shows a little bit more of my personality. Hope you like the realness, and would love your thoughts and feedback!




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