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     There is much dispute on which is the best deep-dish pizzeria in Chi-town. The two most famous and popular are Giordano’s & Lou Malnati’s. You ask anybody who is from, has visited, or lived in Chicago and they will mention these two pizzerias. Read reviews online, do your research and you will find that these two are the most famous and “best” ones. There are of course other great ones like Gino’s East, Pizzeria Uno, & Pequod’s, which many people will also claim is up there or their personal favorite, but I chose to go to Giordano’s and Lou Malnati’s. (Look for my Lou Malnati’s review in another posting).

     After a long, fun day at Lollapulooza in Grant Park, downtown Chicago, I decided to stop late night at Giordano’s on the way back to my hotel. I had already tried the famous Lou Malnati’s, and wanted to compare it with another famous Chicago pizzeria to see the difference and which was better. It was 11pm, and the place was packed with a long wait. It took over an hour to get our pizza after we ordered it, which they warned us about. Even if the wait isn’t too long at Giordano’s, expect to wait an average of 45 minutes to receive your pizza because it takes that long to make. So make sure you have time and you’re not too famished lol. Anyway when we finally got our pizza, it was something! As most of you know, Chicago style pizza is deep-dish, with the sauce on top and cheese underneath. Giordano’s pizza is stuffed, which makes their pizza famous. We got mushrooms, black olives and garlic stuffed inside the pizza, with massive amounts of cheese and sauce on top. It was definitely delicious and very flavorful. Giordano’s was my favorite pizza I had in Chicago. Although Giordano’s and Chicago deep dish is great, I have to admit I’m still a New York thin-crust style pizza lover at heart! Sorry Chi-town! I still love you though…*MUAH!*


Don’t mind my sweaty hot mess. I was drenched soaked in sweat after an AFROJACK concert at Lollapulooza lol.
Side-view of the cheese stuffed inside the pizza! It was very rich and flavorful. Everything is made fresh from scratch so you can really taste the quality.
In my opinion, Giordano’s was my favorite pizzeria in Chicago. The pizza has loads of flavor, and loved that it was stuffed. Also loved that it was super cheesy- I hate pizza with a lot of sauce and not a lot of cheese. This one had more cheese than sauce which I liked. I’m more of a cheese on top kinda gal, but I appreciate the Chicago style deep-dish . Giordano’s definitely hit the spot after a long and tiring day, good food for the soul lol. This place is a Chi-town staple, and a must when you go. If you’ve been to this famous pizzeria, let me know what you think 😉
There are a couple locations for Giordano’s in Chicago, for locations and a menu check out:
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