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I briefly mentioned this gem in my Croatia article on the blog awhile back, but wanted to revisit Gil’s Little Bistro because it is worthy of a full post. I have visited Dubrovnik five times, and spent a lot of time at Gil’s Little Bistro which is located in the heart of the Old Town. It truly is a gem. Old Town is the main attraction in Dubrovnik with charming cobblestone alleys off the Stradun, the main street. Walking through the town makes you feel like you are walking through a Medieval Times movie set- and it’s the actual set of Kings Landing from Game Of Thrones. During the summer season, it is crowded with tourists from around the world. With an over saturation of “touristy” restaurants and gelato shops in the Old Town, every restaurant isn’t any different from the next. That is why I think Gil’s is so special and unique among the rest. Gil’s is set in a charming little alley off of Stradun. I’ve spent time in the kitchen at Gil’s watching the chefs make the specialty dishes, each dish made with care and a beautiful presentation. Gil’s uses the best local ingredients and the finest imports. Meat is their specialty, and they get the best quality beef from countries around the world such as Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, France and Belgium. They bring you an impressive display of cuts to your table to choose from, and you chose the type you want and the quantity. The steak is amazing there. 

I love how everything is so fresh and the quality of ingredients are the best of the best. They bake their bread from scratch, and they have 125 different wine selections as well as an extensive cocktail menu. The dining menu is a fusion of French, Italian and Croatian cuisine with a variety of options for every palate. I’m a sucker for anything made with truffle, and the menu offers truffle dishes such as truffle buratta pizza, truffle risotto, and the truffled honey chocolate semifreddo which are a few of my favorites. I also say with confidence, that Gil’s has the best steak tartare I have ever had. It’s served with the fresh baked toasted bread, and it has a spicy kick to it which I loved!

I was extremely impressed by the service and work ethic of all the employees-all the servers were so attentive, hard working and professional. 

Gil’s Little Bistro is an absolute must when visiting Dubrovnik!

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