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It’s Sunday, my favorite day of the week! SUNDAY FUNDAY. I decided to do the Santa Monica Stairs today, which for those of you who don’t live in the area, or have never done them, they are steep, tall steps in Santa Monica with beautiful views of the ocean at the top. People go there to exercise- it’s a great workout!

After a great work out I built up a pretty good appetite and decided to go to one of my favorite spots- Father’s Office. It’s in Santa Monica on Montana Ave. between 10th and 11th street. They also recently opened another Father’s Office in Culver City, but the Santa Monica one is the original. They have amazing food, and their Office Burger is voted the #1 burger in LA according to some articles and magazines. I have been to Father’s Office many times, and I definitely think their burger is one of the best in LA. Also, they have unique beers on tap that you can’t get in grocery stores if you are a beer drinker. I always get the beer cider, which tastes like apple cider. Bomb.

View of the bar and beer on tap
Always packed!
     Their sweet potato fries and regular fries are one of the best I’ve ever had. You must order the sweet potato fries a la carte (and they literally bring it out to you in a mini shopping cart lol), and they are my favorite sweet potato fries. So flavorful, light and crispy. You can get a side of regular fries with the burger, or in a cart as well. Both fries come with an amazing garlic aioli, and together, the flavor is incredible.
The most amazing sweet potato fries with garlic aoili
Regular fries that come with the burger for $2 more…AMAZING FRIES
     Now for the famous Office Burger. The burger comes out on a fresh french roll, oozing with a mixture of bleu and gruyere cheeses, carmelized onion, applewood-smoked bacon compote, topped with a salad’s worth of arugula lol. The meat is cooked medium to medium rare, and even if you ask for it any other way, that’s how they make it for you. They do not allow any substitutions to this burger at all. It comes the way they make it whether you like it or not. The meat has all the qualities of dry-aged meat-earthy but rich and that charred smokiness from the grill. It’s cooked perfectly and is bursting with flavors. Dipped in a side of their garlic aioli, this burger is perfection.
Office Burger $12, Fries add $2 = $14
One of my favorite burgers of all time! Cooked perfectly
Cooked medium/medium rare. Best way!
***NOTE: Father’s Office does not have ketchup. If you MUST have ketchup with your burger and fries, come prepared. I used to smuggle in my own ketchup, but this time I realized that everything is so good, ketchup is not needed. The garlic aioli is sufficient.
1018 Montana Avenue
Santa Monica, 90403


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