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I’m excited to share that I bought my first house! I’ve worked my whole life for this moment and it’s a really exciting new chapter in my life. I wanted to show you the house as we bought it, before we started renovations. Stay tuned for a house tour after were done with renovations, and looking forward to bringing you along with me through my home process! You can already see a lot of the process on my “MY HOME” Instagram story highlights!

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  1. Kyron says

    Aloha Nicole!
    Wow I am so impressed by your enthusiasm for life! What a great endeavor to buy your first house and express yourself with ideas and and especially with a 🇲🇦 reimage. You go! As an Architect who has designed and built many custom residences and traveled throughout Europe, Asia, South Pacific,I would be honored to help you in anyway. This is not me selling anything but rather offering to help and assist with your ideas….not to mention just absorb some of your amazing energy!
    I’m down in San Diego…looks like you bought somewhere in SoCal.
    Give a shout if you are up for some free exchange of ideas Kyron 760-613-7398

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